Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Touching down on earth

No way did I envision all the fun and joy the past weekend held during open studios for the Mellwood Art Fair!  I mean I knew I would have fun because Bev was coming from Cincy to do some art playing with me but she was actually the mortar that held the weekend together between all the smiling and talking and laughter and just overall good vibes that visitors streaming through brought.  Some where old friends, like Yodora, who has been a best friend since junior high school and some were new friends, like Nancy, who really got me going with her excitement for textiles.  It was just a super fabulous weekend!  Bev's departure on Sunday after a meal at Lynn's Paradise Cafe signalled the close of the weekend that is just now hitting me.  The studio was left in disarray after introducint Bev to laminating sheers on Sunday.  And for the last couple of hours after she left I could only sit and smile at the mess and laugh to myself.

Since Sunday, I've been home rotating myself from the bed to the computer and I'm sitting here now thinking about the wisdom of trying to return to the studio or either my workshop today.  I could prolly bear to do some hand beading or hand stitching (although stitching through laminated cotton, a piece I've got going, is more than a notion).  I think I'm going to stay home...tomorrow will be a long day filled with errands, studio time, and a meeting. 

Link Love:

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  1. I'm glad your're back "DOWN TO EARTH" with me. Seems like you had a wonderful time. Just remember to take it a little slow and don't worry about the studio. I think a messy studio is a GOOD sign. Love

  2. Faith is so gorgeous. In every sense of the word.

  3. Like Gerrie, I'm smiling just thinking about you smiling. There's nothing quite like sharing one's passions with like-minded friends!

  4. came back again to mention that I spent yesterday evening working with a piece of painted organza you sent me. It's currently featured on my blog banner - that stuff is so lovely I am thrilled there's still more of it waiting for something special...

  5. thanks for letting me know Acey...of course I've slept since then so I was like "what painted organza?" lol