Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Uncovering evidence.

1. find a new recipe for salmon fillets and the asparagus I just purchased.
2. pack for AQS
3. register for workshops for the July symposium.
4. reschedule studio time at MACA.
5. sort out items for giving away before the move.
6. purchase a pair of earrings that i really really love.
7. start writing the reference letter for Dee.
8. make a new personal music cd.
9. paint some fabric.
10. carve a stamp.

11. kiss peter.
12. go see Crowns with my mother.
13. bookcross a book and take a photo of where I leave it.
14. review lessons in photoshop tutorial.
15. purchase some art paper and work through the exercises in Make Your Mark.
16. make a fabric collage using samples selected for covering the couch.
17. get estimates for restoration of the furniture.
18. take pictures of Adrian II
19. make myself a quilted bag.
20. do April's quilt journal.

This is a task from Chap. 1 in Walking in This World, (WiTW) by Julia Cameron.


  1. well... I love salmon grilled just slightly underdone (so it finishes cooking while it rests)... and dress it with a little wasabi mayo.
    But asparagus... I won't mess with something that good. Steam it and eat it with a little melted butter and lemon...

  2. Karoda,
    I like to toss the asparagus with a tblsp. olive oil and a little salt and bake in 350 oven for 15 min.

  3. I agree with roasting the asparagus - yumm - I do at least 400°. Your list is very daunting - hope you are feeling good and energetic - an e word that DebR did not use!!

  4. I live in Alaska, therefore I do Salmon a LOT!
    Our favorite way is simple & even folks who claimed they hated salmon loved it after tasting this.
    Sauce ingredients:
    1/3 c Catsup
    1/3 c Balsamic vinegar
    1/3 c brown sugar
    1 T of freshly grated ginger (or you can substitute 1/4 tsp dry ground ginger)
    2 T minced garlic
    a little salt & pepper to taste.
    Rinse your salmon & pat it dry. Spray a little Pam on it's bottom side, & slather the sauce on top. Now it's ready to be grilled or wrapped in foil & baked.
    5 or 10 minutes at the most over some nice coals, try not to over cook because it'll make it dry.
    You can grill the asparagus too, with a hint oil spray. Yum! Garlic bread grilled too, would be yummy! Darn I think I'm starting to drool!

  5. Hey, You! Just saw a picture of you on Gabrielle's blog! Eager to hear about your latest adventure... :)

  6. Saw the picture of you in Paducah. Lovely!! I am so bummed I did not get to the Museum of African American Art in DC....But I am already planning a return trip (probably alone) to do some research in the Archives....THEN I will make it to the museum....