Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Strip of Fabric is A Line in the Story

The previous post was going to be the last post until late Winter/early Spring....but I want to share and I want this to be apart of my blog.  The last project I completed in the studio was dyeing strips of fabrics for a community art project.  Stephanie Brown is the Educational Coordinator at The Little Loomhouse.  We were studio neighbors at Mellwood for 2 years before she moved her studio over to the Hope Mills Bldg.  Stephanie pulled the partners together to make the collaboration happen.

The strips I dyed are sent to a variety of organizations around town and people write their stories on the strips and returned to the Loom House for cataloging before going to fit a loom set up a Kentucky Musueum of Art and Craft (KMAC).  You can read more about it HERE on KMAC's website..

Please stop by tomorrow and write your story cloth....

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Change is Gonna Come....

I started this blog November 4, 2004.  This was my first entry>>>>>here.  Yesterday I closed down my studio.  Five years.  Five years.  When I first moved in it was with dear dear dear Sistah-friend Estella who provided me the courage to take the leap.  We shared the space for maybe nine months and we called it The Beauty of Holiness.  I flew solo for a few months until I shared the space with another artist, Amy Dingman...then for 3 years I was in the studio by myself and the space (long before) had begun to change into a real working chaotic space and the name changed to The Chitlin' Circuit.

We packed and hauled (shout out to Ade, my youngest son, for being the glue that made it possible to do so much in such a short amount of time).  I have no regrets about closing it down even though I will miss the interaction with fellow artists and visitors.  It hit me when it was over...watching everything that I had packed into the space, not just materially, but seeing all that I had going on, I realized once again how much spirit and Spirit was in it for me.  The tears poured for a few hours. Ade didn't know what to think and Peter as always, was gracious about what he half-way comprehends.  I didn't bother to attempt to articulate.  The flushing was a good thing.

Our goal was to be moved (our living space) by the end of October...that didn't happen...we moved the goal forward to the end of January.  I finished the commission to dye the fabric strips just in the nick of time and everything is in storage. Also, on my way out I stopped by Kore and learned my good friend Bev had sold one of her high-end paintings.  It had been at the gallery since her solo show in May.  Affirmations magnified!

I'm going to spend the season drawing and reading and taking a break from blogging until I set things back up in the Spring.  Until then, Peace, Blessings, Love