Thursday, September 30, 2010

Do you or someone you know have Schizophonia?

 Thanks to Gwendolyn Kelly for sharing the link!  In light of my views on iPod listening, I'm digging the message!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Unity in Schisms (what the what am I talking about now?!)

DSCN1592 The Beauty of Holiness Studio, my art making sanctuary

Odd, ... I cannot recall ever being this excited about Mondays when I was employed.  Sundays now are a signal to re-engage fully as possible with my creative mind.  Sundays are filled with thinking about the different pieces of cloth and quilts in their variuos stage of development and what needs to be stitched and the hows and wheres of it all. 

Last week I dye painted over previously painted cloth.  The cloth was not treated with soda ash and I used Afterfix on it which is used to set dye.  I've used this before and was fairly pleased with it...the colours appear to me more muted and toned down then with soda soaked fabric.  I keep returning to this method because I do anticipate, possibly, at some point I may not be able to physically handle low-water immersion dyeing.  This is the piece I'll rinse out tomorrow if all goes as planned:

Over the weekend I attended a state meeting of SDA members that Jennifer Reiss and Mary Nehring coordinate.  This was the 2nd meeting but my first.  My membership in SDA has lapsed but renewing it is on my goal list for the coming year.  Being around other artists and diverse minds gets me spinning like a whirling dervish and I left there thinking that its not so much the lack of opportunity that seems to describe this city/state (although the description can be dead on) it is the fact that I cannot attend to all the possibilities. 

In my own art I can say that I now have a focus, sense of purpose, and a vision...a "Karoda" way of working...but I'm also fertil that when I see the art of others my mind automatically begins to push, combine, play, stretch, mix, mingle, and so on, ideas and what ifs and I'm flying or whirling and it feels fun in the moment.  I've learned to reel myself back down...took me a couple of years but I'm good to go and can now say to myself "okay, Karen, settle yourself down".  I think many artists experience this and in turn are faced with juggling the solitude activities with communal activities and how both impact creativity. 

I also attended the tenants' meeting at Mellwood last week and Planet Janet and I will be coordinating demos and activities by the tenants who want to participate in November's Trolley Hop.  Studio spaces are getting new tenants and I hope this is some indication that economically people are feeling more daring and confident.  Many of the new tenants seem to be more retail/service oriented.  A fitness center, photographers, martial arts, florists, etc.  I hope this will not eventually increase the dirt cheap rents for the artists like myself who are solely using the space to create in, but overall, it is good to see fresh eager faces and more activity.

Speaking of solitude and communal, I figured out why I'm not partial to listening to music on an iPod.  I like my music to fill not just me but the space I inhabit.  I want the essence of the sound to rock the cobweb in the corner of the ceiling...I want the vocals to ooze down the walls...I want the rhythms to cover the floor.  This just doesn't happen using an iPod.  I can listen to podcasts on my iPod, no problem...but the music is too big to fully enjoy it that way...and I'm not talking about the volume of the music but the experience of it...listening on an iPod diminshes the experience of the music, the artistry that went into it.  Playing a cd is much more inviting for a shared experience and much more open experience.  I mean would you rather go to a museum or look at the art on a toy view finder?





Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Touching down on earth

No way did I envision all the fun and joy the past weekend held during open studios for the Mellwood Art Fair!  I mean I knew I would have fun because Bev was coming from Cincy to do some art playing with me but she was actually the mortar that held the weekend together between all the smiling and talking and laughter and just overall good vibes that visitors streaming through brought.  Some where old friends, like Yodora, who has been a best friend since junior high school and some were new friends, like Nancy, who really got me going with her excitement for textiles.  It was just a super fabulous weekend!  Bev's departure on Sunday after a meal at Lynn's Paradise Cafe signalled the close of the weekend that is just now hitting me.  The studio was left in disarray after introducint Bev to laminating sheers on Sunday.  And for the last couple of hours after she left I could only sit and smile at the mess and laugh to myself.

Since Sunday, I've been home rotating myself from the bed to the computer and I'm sitting here now thinking about the wisdom of trying to return to the studio or either my workshop today.  I could prolly bear to do some hand beading or hand stitching (although stitching through laminated cotton, a piece I've got going, is more than a notion).  I think I'm going to stay home...tomorrow will be a long day filled with errands, studio time, and a meeting. 

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