Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It is done!

Indelible_spirit3_1  Hi Juanita!!!!!!!!!!!  (I hope you read this).

Here is Cilium 2 (I kept the name because I liked the connection to the physical body and the idea of what function cilium serves).

It measures 21"x35.5"Dscn0803 It was such fun to do and I loved every aspect of it even when I was frustrated with it...couching the copper was like wrestling a sumo.

I'm going to try using the wire to help form a 3-d shape on another piece by sewing it between fabrics...but that is a project for sometime in the distant future.

Enjoy more closeups.

Dscn0810 Dscn0819 Dscn0800

I have sketches for 3 more but since my sewing machine went in for its annual check-up, I'm without for 10 days...I'm glad I didn't wait to take it in, another week and the warranty would have expired and it would have cost me moola. 

Oh, I have a question about insuring work.  I am sending this piece off to the Indelible Spirit show and it will travel and not be in my possession for at least a year, maybe 2 (can't remember).  Do I need to insure this piece? and if yes, is there a special type of insurance I need?  Give me the 4-1-1 on what I need to consider.  Thanks!

Monday, August 22, 2005

One of my favorite listening experiences

is listening to This American Life on the radio.  Do you get this show on your public radio?  Did you listen to the episode yesterday on Hitler's Yacht?  Reading this entry by Logan reminded me of the story and how opinion and perception and values are more weighty in shaping our human-ness than facts.  If you don't have access to the show, you can certainly listen online if you want.  I found it entertaining, comforting, and disturbing...the show describes it as a modern-day fable.


But Cilium 2 is so close to being would have been if I had not made 2, TWO mistakes while cutting and sewing the sleeve...too tired...I'll deal with it tomorrow and get it blocked (again) and photographed at least by the end of the day Wednesday.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Couldn't resist the temptation to play

9 10

DebR and Julie have lead me down the quizzical path.  Go here if you can't resist.

And the bronchoscopy went well but I've yet to get the results in spite of leaving 2 messages this week for them at my doc's office.  Its unlike her to not call back but Monday I'll be on the case. 

A little of this, a little of that...

Dscn07781 I finished beading this yesterday.  More than anything it was an opportunity to practice machine quilting.  I started out marking it with a disappearing marker and before it disappeared I put an iron to it so the marks which can be seen here: Dscn0779

After this mistake, I just went with free motion and was attempting to duplicate the cut out of the lace fabric on the top.  The orange was hand-dyed by me, the aqua was painted by Sonji and the lace was painted by Michelle.  I like this piece for the colours and the simple elegance.  I'll put it up somewhere around here after I mount it on canvas or foamcore someday. 

Been playing around with stenciling too: Dscn0724

And of course there has been some post card making: Dscn0761_1

(above) painting on silk with Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow


hodge-podge of hand dyed scraps, silk, cotton, paper, angelina fibers, marker.


and this one was an attempt to use angelina fibers to simulate tear drops/rain drops and I wanted to fmq with metallic thread.  This thread is Madeira and it didn't shred or break at all.

The budding life of a Sunflower

Dscn0749 Dscn0755                                                      

If Mo continues to snap pictures in the life of this plant, I might consider doing a pictorial/photo wall hanging for her...she is crazy about this plant.  We do need to get a bigger pot for it.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

busy vs. taking care of business

Wednesday_august_10_2005_5 Just so you know I've been busy...but not necessarily taking care of business as it relates to quilting.  I've been stalling and procrastinating blocking Cilium 2 that I'd like to submit to The Indelible Spirit show.  Once I get it blocked and squared it will be smooth sailing to complete it. 

What I've discovered is that when I come up on limitations due to space restraints I get into a postcard making grove.  Probably has to do with getting back a sense of control of the process...I can control small.  But now that I've gotten this out of my system...I'm going to block and square the piece next Wednesday or will be back in session for the kids and I'll enjoy time alone at home for a few more weeks at least. 

The yellow one below is my favorite and the symbol is an Adinkra symbol that means house of peace. (Sonji might recognize the splattered fabric in the postcard at the top as one of her scraps she sent me.) But I selected this symbol because Cindy Sheehan's dedication has been on my mind as well as the nature of what peace really is about.  Wouldn't it be interesting if we had a federal department of Peace and research universities poured billions of dollars into the study of peace.  I think the problem is that we don't really have a working or cultural definition of what peace entails so it becomes the butt of jokes about tree huggers, etc. (mental leap coming but it really is connected)  One of my favorite poets in a lecture requested us not to ask what are we willing to die for because there are those too willing and quick to kill you for it...instead he poses the question what are you willing to live for with every breath of your being.  Answering this question is always one of has changed and I expect it will continue to is not static. I think the important thing is to have an answer at any given time versus not having a clue.

In other areas of living, I've been on the j-o-b though...this is the first time in history that I have completed shopping for school this starts Tuesday here and I'm usually out the weekend before in the last minute madness but my problem is I'm just a pat on the back for me! 

On the health front I'll be having a broncoscopy on Tuesday.  This has been attempted before about 15 years ago and the doctor was unsuccessful due to my gagging and coughing excessively while the procedure was going on.  I'm hoping that this will yield some conclusive answers about just what is going on with me.  Hangeth in,

Thursday_august_11_2005 Wednesday_august_10_2005_6

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Okay, this is for Marti

(I'll do a photo later) but I did the cut and slash method this morning and what I found was that more than 2 cuts creates a bulk at the seams...I pressed the heck out of it to flatten it but I can see that distortion could be a problem when quilting over it. 

Monday, August 1, 2005

Salty and Hot

Last Thursday I had a series of appts at the pulmonary specialty clinic at Vanderbilt Hosp. and since then I have been craving and eating like there is no tomorrow...especially salty and hot food...dill pickles, sliced tomatoes with hotsauce, grilled pepper jack cheese sandwiches, tomato soup with hot sauce,...and today I even craved and ate a White Castle cheeseburger which I never ever eat or want unless I'm coming on my cycle and its not time for it.  I don't know whats up...but its like I have a bottomless pit.  I want to say its nerves since the appointment left room for more questions then answers, thus I still feel in limbo. 

More sometime later about the relaxing and fun part of my trip and stay for 5 days with my sister, Deb.