Monday, July 17, 2006

Studio 3 Continued

Okay, before I get to the awesome...I mean AWESOME (sung in an operatic tone) symposium that Juanita organized I'm going to finish up the report on Studio 3.  But if you get eager to get a peak at the symposium week, click right here!

Dscn1694 The side and entrance of the small renovated barn that houses 4 studios and a loft that runs the length of the barn.  I love the colours of the stone.   Dscn1696 

The large barn is still unrenovated but is occupied year round by a sculptor.

Dscn1695 Dscn1666Dscn1669 Windows in the barn's kitchen.  The kitchen makes it convenient to take meals close to one's studio.

Dscn1660 Steps leading to the loft.  Dscn1711 

Dscn1698 Dscn1697 The brick?  The dirt and rocks? Simply because I like the pattern and colours.

Dscn1710 A view into the loft.


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  1. What a cool place. I'd get my creative juices going there! OK on to the symposium.