Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Did I mention...

I'll be without a camera for 10 weeks?

I'm really not a political junkie...I define myself as a peasant woman who is compelled to make sense of the world and my place in it.  I'm sitting here listening to Amy Goodman interview in depth a citizen of Jena, LA and it is adding to that feeling of warped reality.  This adds to that sense of trauma that came to a head with the re-election of the occupying President. This is also where the cultivation of spirituality and faith enters...a place to land, root and sprout.


  1. We are livng in crazy, dangerous times. Last night I watched a bit about traditionally all black colleges recruiting whites to survive because blacks are now getting into mainstream colleges. This is a good thing. And then there is Jena. The kid getting tazered in Fl. One of the Pink Ladies kept out of a Hilary rally because she was wearing an anti-war t-shirt.

  2. thanks for sharing, these are scary times. Too bad about the camera. KIDS,!

  3. The first I heard about the Jena social war was when I was driving to MS in July. There was a three hour interview and informational program on the XM station I was listening to. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was as if I had flashed back in time...or stayed in Milwaukee (HA). Then, nothing. I heard nothing of it for a couple of months and then heard conversation on Al Sharpton's Talk Net online. It's simply a sympton of a greater ill and the occupying president, as Gerrie states, is also a symptom. There is an acculturated belief system that some are worth more than others. That is what this puritanical country was based on from the very beginning. How to change it? That has been a task for the ages and I'm not sure how the hearts of people can be changed, except for one at a time. I don't know.