Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Brief Post

1. I picked up my camera yesterday.

2. Prep for TG and Christmas (even though I keep my participation in the "shopacalypse" to a minimum) took a great deal out of me and I'm not feeling well.

3.  Been in bed watching a lot of tv (mainly fstv), looking at pictures, some reading, some computer time, listening to music and meditation.

4.  I have insominia, its a seasonal thing, with winter being the worst.

5. My daughter got her driving license.

6. I've made up my mine about the workshops...the summer one with Juanita Yeager, and the one in the fall with Benn/Morgan.

7. I'm waiting for warmer weather and the season to change.

8. Its Kwanzaa time! 


  1. Yippee about your camera. Sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Happy Kwanzaa!

  2. Good to hear about the return of the camera!

  3. Times have been eventful for you and yours. Glad the camera reunification has finally occurred. Think it is funny that we are both already "over" winter and counting on spring ...

  4. Where are the photos? :-) Get lots of rest and feel good so you can make stuff and take photos. I think your workshop choices are great. I am wishing for a lovely, healthy, creative year for you.
    Happy Kwanzaa!

  5. When you feel better, take lots of pictures for us. I know what you mean about winter. It is my least favorite season.

  6. Happy Kwanzaa!!!! waiting for pics!

  7. So glad to hear you got your camera!! Happy Kwanzaa!

  8. Get well woman.......I've missed your posts! I'm glad you got your camera back.
    Happy Kwanzaa!!!