Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Its A New Year...Hope and Change ;)

Rolling this around in my head and typing this out loud:  2009 is my designated year to begin to add consistent submissions to juried shows and non-juried shows, re-join SAQA and SDA and the Embroidery Guild, and gain some acclimation to art-marketing skills, and create an on-line presence for finished quilts, (Seamless Skin is excluded as I always want this to be my personal space and musings and evidences for my journey).

Alyson Stansfield's book "I'd Rather Be in the Studio" arrived yesterday...this and another art marketing workbook will be my assignments for the first 2 months. I know up front that I never want to be in a position where I'm dependent on income from my art for basic living...I don't think I'm wired for that type of grueling work that would catapult me into feelings of desperation and uncertainty. Business-wise, I do want to be able to comfortably use my materials without worry over the cost of replenishing them.  What I hope for is to create work that provokes emotion in others to the point that they would want to own/collect what I create and the income from that would support the continuation of making more quilts and educational experiences.  This seems asking more of myself in a way that promotes my mental, physical, and spirtual health and yet offers some edge in utilitizing and stretching my capabilities.  As far as submitting to shows I'm still going for a minimum of 4 for the year and maintaining 20 hours a week in my workshop. 

Although I fell a smidget short of my goals for 2008, overall, I feel like I accomplished much and am pleased.


Yesterday while picking up a birthday gift for my mother I found a really beautiful kinara made out of black soapstone made in Kenya. It replaces my wooden one which I'd like to gift to my brother and his partner if she didn't already have one.  But he never has his cell phone charged which I think is so unprofessional and irresponsible considering its his main phone...but hey, who am I, just the older and wiser sister. 

Happy New Year to all who pass through...Peace.



  1. Happy New You. I need to get Alyson's book and also make some goals for the new year. I have missed so many submissions this fall due to my work on my show and I need to make a better plan to enter shows.

  2. Sistah - Happy New Years to you! All the best in 2009. Love, Kyra

  3. hey, peace and more to you in the coming year!

  4. think you have done a first rate job of articulating your goals in very concrete terms. also think there's been much accomplishment and so much developmental growth for you during 2008.

  5. Happy New Year, K! You have accomplished so much in this past year, and I know you will accomplish even more in 2009.
    I'm going to have a look at the Stansfield book now, thanks for the recommendation!

  6. I think your goals are very well defined and definitely achievable. Keep a ledger. It will help with income tax records and will define the bottom line. More importantly, it becomes a record of which piece went where.
    Happy New Year!

  7. most excellent - more power to you

  8. havent seen my cell phone since christmas. but to be honest,
    i do very much consider it a blessing! the best present ever!!!

  9. Hey There!! Happy New Year! Sorry it took me a little extra time to respond to your last message. I was under the gun trying to finish my quilt for the Quilts for Obama show (I posted a sneak peak on my blog). I bought Alyson's book for myself for Christmas. Her blog and her book are excellent and help to keep me on track. I have also managed to adapt some of her forms for my personal use. My wins and goals for 08/09 are posted on my blog. Staying busy in the studio with printmaking, quilts and dolls. Stay encouraged! Make those deadlines! This is one of my goals for the coming year too. Let's encourage each other. Peace and Sweet Blessings,
    Deborah GB

  10. It's good to get it all down and expressed, these goals of ours, for the new year. I wish you lots of inspiration and success in fulfilling your hopes for the new year.
    Gotta love Alyson's book. The book is a godsend for me as I work with my words for the year.

  11. Hi ms K.
    It's early here, but the wind is howling and it woke me up, so I dragged the laptop into bed with me to wander about 'the web'.
    It's good to see how busy you've been! Such beautiful work. I wish I was just half as motivated as you are.
    The boys gave me watercolor classes for Christmas, so I began that last week. It's good to get my hands dirty again. Between moving, and the dog the boys found in NY and brought here at Christmas and LEFT for us to raise, it's been a bit to chaotic for my foggy old brain to function well. But, I'm trying. And the dog, 'Red' is adorable and we love him.
    I got an email from the poet we met at Mary Anderson Center, you may have also. It was to 'friends'. So, we've friended on FACEBOOK.
    He's been working a lot. I was ashamed to admit to him that I have not written one more word on my silly little tale. But I did make a new years resolution to get back to it this year.
    NOT whining, although it sounds that way. Just wondering where the time really goes.
    I have found a friend here, well, nearby in Somerville who runs a Haberdashery and Gift Shop. He gets clothes, furniture and things from really elegant estate sales and makes a mint off the better things. He's a really nice guy, and offered to get me involved in historical preservation with the locals. But, I got really sick after Christmas and it took me abt 6 weeks to really kick it. So, we haven't gotten together yet. Everytime I've tried to stop by his shop he has the CLOSED sign in the window. He's been sick too.
    So, that's the update on us. Hope your family is well. That grandson is ADORABLE!!!! Love the photos. But mostly love the photos of all the art you're making. the caligraphy looks like fun!
    Hugs, and miss you. Pam