Thursday, October 8, 2009

Scene: i'm singing and skipping down candy lane where the flowers are loppy-pops and the trees are cotton candy

"my brother has a blog my brother has a blog my brother has a blog my brother has a blog"

(smiley face sun shines brighter and brighter as it sings along with me and dances over my head)



  1. hahaha, that should read lolly-pops but i'm not going to edit it...loppy-pops kinda fuels my imagination.

  2. Hey, Just think of it this way, Loppy-pops have NO CALORIES.

  3. hahaha
    Greatest blob post ever! Made me hoppy. :-D

  4. Hey, I've been to brothers blog and there is so much to see. I will have to see if I can fit your blog in anymore. JUST KIDDING!
    But WOW! what a site he has. Something for every body. YIPPY!

  5. Hey Karen,
    Your basement was hit hard, but I'm glad to see you are putting it back in order. Keep on pointing and painting. Seeing your work space made me hang my head in dismay at the small corner and table I claim as work space. I'm off to buy more storage and visit your brothers blog.
    P.S. When you paint the bookshelves, purchase primer or have a blend of primer and your choice of paint blended. I love painting.

  6. Hey Pam, when its finished you're always welcome to come and play, but, girl, for years I was on that kitchen table and would get my stuff out right after the kids left for school and put it back up before they came home and then I worked on a card table in the living room where they watched tv and it stayed uninhabitable by all but me :) so keep on keeping on!