Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Small joys; Great happiness...

Most of my handiness goes into the making of art that when it comes time to get it properly photographed, hung, and even submitted to exhibits, I find I'm left deft and confused and tired.  Multi-tasking has never been my strong suit and in fact I find it over-rated.  The ability to focus and concentrate deeply on several closely related tasks is my gift (although in the last few years this has been challenged).  I'm a slow takes my brain a while to shift when its time to move on to another topic, task  especially when it is a shift from generating creativity to pragmatic matters at hand.  Thats the way I'm wired but I keep trying to learn to re-wire some parts that will allow me to complete the cycle of productivity.  I don't know why I'm talking about this here other than to say I've spent most of the day thinking about how to display 4 small pieces.  I want them matted and framed but without glass covering them.  From there I think "I should learn to mat and frame my own pieces".  From here I jump to "but damn, thats just another thing to learn and there is only one of me".   I know, I know, I make myself crazy this way...but it always comes back to the thrill of the process of making the art and this is where I want to use my time and resources and all else let come what may and I'll deal with the consequences. Its is especially sweet and its own reward when I create pieces I love such as the pieces below.  I forgot I had a 12"x6" series going back in the gave me joy to uncover them.

Img007 Crossroads

Img008 Sunset (how cliche a title?)

Copper Sun




  1. All four pieces of art are beautiful and would look gorgeous anyway you mount them. Have a great day!

  2. They are all terrific little gems. I would mount them on canvas that was painted to complement them. Just glue them on.

  3. You could mount the pieces onto a complimentary linen or twill stretched over foamcore and set n simple frames -- or have someone else do it for you. I am a great fan of people doing what they do best. I know I can do a lot, but there's no way I can fool myself into thinking I can do everything! Play to your strengths.BTW, I like Kindling best -- my favorite part is the way the big vertical black and white "stripe" plays withe the little black and white striped buttons/beads.

  4. I feel I must properly photograph, hang and get my art out to exhibit if I hope to be able to afford the materials to keep on doing what I love, so I just approach that end of things with discipline. (I think I approach the whole thing with discipline actually) To make it easier I call that end of the art, also art. I draw the line at things that do not save me a great deal of money - like stretching canvas. I have had other artists tell me they do this, but to me it is wasted energy when the financial gain from it is so small.
    Matting and framing can be quite expensive to have done so... Maybe you can use the time-honored trade method for having matting and framing done. That way, you can do what you love and quilt and someone else who loves to matte and frame can do what they love, and everyone wins.
    Displaying your art is an art in itself and maybe something you will grow to love.
    These are really beautiful pieces. I'm still laughing at myself for misunderstanding you and thinking you were going commercial and making a ton of things simply for the purpose of selling. hehehe

  5. i am the same way!!! so hard to switch gears sometimes. most times i do so reluctantly...LOVE kindling. yes i do.

  6. They're all wonderful pieces, and I like the idea of using painted canvas that's already stretched for these pieces.

  7. I like Crossroads best. Must have been thrilling to find them. I am a good multi-tasker but make great efforts to deny/avoid that fact.

  8. It should give you pleasure to look at these - I know it gives me pleasure to see them.
    Karoda, they are beautiful and I love them all. Just stretch black linen around already-stretched canvases and tack them down. Dynamite!

  9. Yes, these are lovely. I especially like "crossroads".