Monday, May 17, 2010

Crowbonics 2

Lucky for me, my washing machine went out and yesterday I went to my parent's house to do a couple of loads of laundry and thus had an extended time period at The Basement Workshop!!  I auditioned fabrics for what will become Crowbonics 1.  It will include one of the laminated fabrics created at the Crow Barn.  I found the perfect medium gray fabric and I'm thinking about doing a little bit of discharge on it to get some subtle colour change and movement behind the laminated sheer.  Discharging is a technique I personally do not want to use much to avoid health risk.  Jacquard's discharge paste is my tool of choice whenever I do.  And up to this point I've only used it to experiement with and then used it to create a design on a 1/4 yard of fabric.  I've seen a colour remover by Ritz but have not experimented with it to know anything about it.  I'm needing to remove just a little colour without any hard edges in order for the gray fabric to work for me.

I also spent some time quilting the piece shown at the top of this previous post.  There is still 2/3 of it left to quilt but as B.B. King sings "better not look down...just keep it moving".  One day I'll look up and have a plethora of quilts I love and will not know what to do with!

Here are 3 more laminated pieces that I did while on retreat...pieces that I hope will become focal pieces in the Crowbonics series.  (I have at least 3 series that are on going and just flow in and out of them depending on where my mind and heart are and what my body can handle.  If you create series work, how do you go about it?)


 Please keep in mind that these are all in process or experiments and not viewed at completed.


Yesterday I started burning into the piece below which is where the white shows through.  The white is from the lid of the scanner.




  1. Well if these are in process I can't wait to see what the final project will be! Really nice work! Sounds like you were truly inspired at the barn too. You should see my sketchbook.I can't stop drawing and taking pictures of work in progress. Also, I think I am going to by dyeing fabric all summer long, lol. Can't wait to see and hear more about how you plan to grow these pieces.

  2. Way cool! But you might want to think about using Thiox instead of discharge paste; it seems less toxic to me.

  3. Thanks Rayna for the tip. I just read a post in Pro-Chem's blog comparing the results of thiox and discharge paste.

  4. Love the textures and patterns. I look forward to seeing what you do with them. Crowbonics is looking to be an interesting and beautiful series.