Monday, December 31, 2012

First of all...

on the last day of the year, Happy birthday to me! Thank  you God for another year of living behind me, and by your Grace, ahead of me.

After much pondering and pontificating, and to make the most of this propitious moment, I'm ready to proceed and pen my artistic goals as I stand at the precipice of 2013. (This post brought to you by the letter p).

My overriding business goal: Complete Access to Market.  As a result of this this, these things will happen:
  • complete business plan
  • a website
  • professional images of my art

Business Goal #2

  • Submit to a minimum of 5 exhibits

Business Goal #3

  • Track expenses
  • Track time in the studio

My overriding creative goal: To create more quilts

  • Start the series that is a tribute to the novels of Toni Morrison          Bluest Eye (1970) and Sula (1974)
  • 2 more boat quilts
  • 2 more Crowbonics quilts
  • 2 more portrait quilts or narrative (jockey, mid-wife)
  • 20 small quilts wrapped around frame, 12" x 12" or less

Educational goals:

  • bear with me on this one, it is only about the 4 time I'm giving this a try...but follow a regiment of working through at least 3 technique books this year.  (It feels so wasteful to have books I already own at my  disposal and not use them)
  • take pictures everyday weekly*
  • zentangle daily on paper and on cloth*
* ammended on 01/04/2013

Community/Social goals:

  • Goodfolk Festival, I pondered if this was a business goal, but I had so damn much fun that I would do it again and this is also why the concentration on 20 smaller pieces, for the booth there and hopefully sharing it with the same 2 friends since we proved to co-mingle well together already.
  • 2 Teaching gigs
  • 1 artist's date each month

And my word for the coming year is DISCERNMENT, (I know, not a P-word), to catch sight of, recognize, and understand.  Since I'll be receiving loads of business information, I want to make sure my grasp and focus is good and that I'm able to determine what is specifically right for me given my own heart, mind, and circumstances.

I bid you, as always, Peace...



  1. Discernment---I like that word---I am going to "copy" and use that as my word/goal of the year!!! Happy New Year! I so enjoy your blog!

    1. Thank you Patricia! I check into your blog about every couple of weeks...but when you do posts checking in with how you're doing with your word, let me know! Here's to us both having a marvelous year!

  2. My best wishes for you. I pray you meet all your goals and prosper in this new year of going forward.