Thursday, June 30, 2011

Al Sharpton, my motivator

I slept like a rock...heavy and unmoving.  In spite of that I still woke on as if on cue, like I do every morning, at 6:30.  My arms feel like they weigh a gazzilion pounds and the muscles are inflammed.  Still, I wouldn't take yesterday back for anything and I'm still going to forge ahead (although much slower) and head to the gym.  I'm up to 20 minutes on the treadmill and get in over half a mile and burn about 100 calories.  On three upper body weight machines I'm still doing 1 set of 12 reps.  I'm going to add lower body weight machines next week.  

Some months ago the thought of "what if I'm physically unable to create like I want to?"  "what if I had to give it up?"  I tried to give this slow, serious thought but answers were not solid.  It was before leaving for Ohio that I decided I would join the gym with Mo, my daughter, after I returned with the goal of improving my strength and stamina.  My main motivation was to never have to answer these questions beyond pondering and refocus to turn them around (and I hear Al Sharpton's voice in my head saying "ride this art thing on out, ride it to the very end"...I know, I know...but whatever floats my boat)

Yesterday I started placing free hand cut pieces of contact paper on this...


The plan for this is to block out and go over with dye paint, etc. and then do in again.  I want this piece of fabric to take on an archaeological feel if the writing appears embedded in a wall of rock.  My plan for today is to finish cutting out slivers of contact paper.

Also, today, Negotiating Territory or Cilium, will hang in a group exhibit in the Pigment Gallery at Mellwood.  I'm not sure which she'll select.  The Pigment Gallery is reserved for tenant artists but also shows non-tenant artists.  This exhibit is a combination and will be up for about a month.

Another bump on the road is losing The Basement Workshop, my sewing space.  My mother is moving into a senior living apartment in about a month.  My options are either placing my stuff in storage or either we move into a larger space...but in looking, the prices of rental property has increased very significantly in light of the decline in home ownership.  The apartments we are in  have increased by 30% for new tenants.  And housing for rent, pffff, a suitable house, forget about it!  Creating visual art requires space and I'm not doing the type of work that can be made all in the corner of a bedroom.  I'm not at a panic stage yet as I'm believing that "something" will work out.


  1. Hey Karoda,
    I'm so glad you are working out at the gym! You go girl!!!!
    I know what you mean about having to have a large space in which to work! YIKES!! We keep thinking about relocating, but it's just not possible....'but what about my studio?' whine, whine, whine! LOL
    I hope things will work for you.
    As you said to me: hangeth in!

  2. Keep up the gym workouts, they will make a difference. And I'm saying prayers that your studio situation gets resolved.
    Keep the faith!