Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another sign of the times...

When we are in and open to visitors, we hang our "shingle" out. Here is mine with some added bling.

  The ChitlinCircuit2


This article on craft techniques' influencing art made me reflect on my own self-critic on the pace I create.  I do work slow and sometimes, mainly when I want to do a series, I get frustrated that I can't move more swiftly.  By the time I finish one or two pieces, something else has caught my imagination and thoughts and I bemoan not being more prolific as time has passed into months.

This inclination to over think and make life more difficult than it needs to be is rooted into my need to have control and thinking I can "will" what I want into existence. (musical backdrop for this post, Helen Reddy singing I AM WOMAN).  I'm always in some stage of endless flow of accepting and pushing my personal self-imposed (and 0ther-wise) limitations of can and can't do's as measured by my ability to make art.  After reading the NY times article, the part of me that says, it really doesn't matter how slow or fast I create, as long as do as much as I can when I can and do it often enough to appease my soul is what truly matters to me.




  1. okay cutting up the soup vegetables (which self-imposed dogma says I ought to have made yesterday ...) will have to wait until I've gone on and read the linked article. Seems like it's coming at just the right time for me to read it and maybe get rid of another layer or two of my normal (?) self-perpetuating 'myths & bullshit' cycle.