Friday, May 13, 2011

Positive, Negative, Bitter and Sweet (or Why I love Winton Marsalis)

I've been trying to decide what my "intent" will be for the Benn/Morgan workshop.  (regular readers might recall an attempt at selling this space last month...a few inquiries is all I received.  I gave it close to a month after which I decided to dig into my emotional resources and forge ahead

Here is what I'm considering:

  1. working with layering transparent colour

  2. working with a variety of transfer technique on paper and cloth

  3. breakdown printing and using thermofax screens with line/shape designs that represent fluidity and stagnation

  4. hand painting on cloth practicing negative and positive space.

The one intent I'm sure about is making the most of my time with them.  Because of on-going pulmonary challenges and trying to control diabetes,  I forsee this as my last major workshop in a long while.  (not to be grim and nothing fatal and I hope I don't sound melancholy, because I'm not.  Just trying to stay clear in my a friend says "tell them so you'll know" ).  In addition to using my personal finances, much of my ability to attend the workshops in the past have been awards from two local art agencies.  I've shown my appreciation by being a good steward.  To paraphrase a quote my Winton Marsalis: Life is a two-edged knife that can cut you bitter or sweet.  And I'll add, "at the same time".

And because there has to be pictures in a blog post, here are 2 of my images I burned into screens:

Mark making1 fluidity

DSCN1726 copy stagnation