Sunday, September 1, 2013

Looking back over August.

The exhibits at our state fair do rock!  I know Dennis Shaffner and the troupe of volunteers deserve much kudos for putting it together year in and year out!  Thanks Dennis!

Here are some of the pieces that struck my fancy...

3 cakes

tie quilt made by the daughter of the man who hired Peter at his company 20 years ago.  The man is now retired and these were his ties.

vintage dress
altered phone in the floral arrangement exhibit
children's art
sorry for the poor photo, but his is a batik print by LAFTA member Judy Banks!
 what do you do with your garbage? 
this is a fountain made from dishes and a sink! 

another piece by Judy Banks that is also an award winner!

high school sculpture from cardboard!
ghostly elegant art!

this might have been a high school student art. the layering is beautiful as well as the urban feel and calm of the human figure

I'm still sketching America Shannon. 


and the prayer wheels have received blue...

I really love this picture of Anaya and I.  Thinking about putting it on a canvas frame via a photo service.

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