Thursday, March 13, 2014

Craftual Healing, Wake up, wake up, wake up*

Winter hasn't driven me mad, but nearly a month away from the studio has turned me into the mad crocheter.   I've been home resting and recuperating from a bit of bronchitis.   I am taking a steroid and it mucks with my sleep, meaning I'm up most of the night and take cat naps during the day.  Sooooo, I had a notion once again to learn to crochet.  I purchased 2 how-to books on the Kindle,  ordered hooks, picked up some yarns and away  down the rabbit hole I went.

This is the start of my 5th project in a week, week and a half.
a spring scarf with light weight cotton yarn on a 4mm hook.
I am a bit compulsive with this...I find with the attention and constant hands in motion, that my thoughts are at rest and listening with intent is improved.  Mostly I'm here at the desk, in front of the computer, listening to a podcast, or the news on TV, or music. (Moth Radio Hour and Democracy Now are the podcast and Valerie June is the songstress).  And it dawned on me while listening to MSNBC why I've decreased following the Mon-Friday evening shows...The shows spend too damn much time keeping me informed of the so-called conservative that they are indeed giving them way much more air time and coverage then they really need.  Don't get me wrong, I believe in knowing what the enemy is up to, but the coverage  doesn't go in depth of what so-called liberals or progressive movements or thoughts actually stand for.  The weekend shows do most of this with round table discussions with various povs by people who are self-respecting, intelligent on subject matter by way of study and/or activism...the weekend news and information is more civil in tone and engages me as if I'm in conversation. 
Before this need to rest began, I did bring the projector home for the purpose of enlarging the Sula inspired quilt on a white vintage table cloth.  But where I put it down, it still sits.  To paraphrase artist Kevin Cole "making good art is about making a series of intelligent decisions".  To enlarge the quilt would require intelligent decisions and a "flow" that I can't muster.  The crochet patterns and the counting, the either it is right or wrong that goes along with it, is a strong branch to make my cocoon right about now.
Peace, *title is reference to what song by which artist?


  1. Marvin Gaye? Go with the crochet! The Sula quilt energy will come when you are ready. Why is it so hard (and here I speak for myself) to trust in our own timing? I am trying to get better about listening to good stuff while I work... been running through BBC detective series on Netflix now. But I love The Moth, too -- and for being apprised of 'the enemy', I find Colbert and Stewart to be really good sources. Doesn't hurt that they make me laugh, too! Hope your lungs are feeling better, soon.

  2. Replies
    1. Correct on the song and artist. I catch them, Colbert and Stewart, on some reruns, but they aren't on my regular viewing. I am going to aim to catch them more.