Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Strip of Fabric is A Line in the Story

The previous post was going to be the last post until late Winter/early Spring....but I want to share and I want this to be apart of my blog.  The last project I completed in the studio was dyeing strips of fabrics for a community art project.  Stephanie Brown is the Educational Coordinator at The Little Loomhouse.  We were studio neighbors at Mellwood for 2 years before she moved her studio over to the Hope Mills Bldg.  Stephanie pulled the partners together to make the collaboration happen.

The strips I dyed are sent to a variety of organizations around town and people write their stories on the strips and returned to the Loom House for cataloging before going to fit a loom set up a Kentucky Musueum of Art and Craft (KMAC).  You can read more about it HERE on KMAC's website..

Please stop by tomorrow and write your story cloth....

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  1. I will miss you! Enjoy your rest as you rejuvenate---is that a oxymoron? Happy holiday's!!