Thursday, December 10, 2015


Radiation has ended!  I had 3 intense weeks of and was left with severe burns.  A wound care specialist was called in.  I guess it goes without saying, but my studio time was delayed. But like I said, IT HAS ENDED and I'm moving on!  I marked my time of returning to "artist" by setting up a booth at the Good Folk Festival the weekend of November 20-22.

I shared the booth with 2 other artists.  I wasn't prepared but I displayed what I had and enjoyed the responses I received and the variety of art work from across the region by other artists.   Also, I met face to face with some local art buds that I'm connected with on Facebook.

I am back in the studio but not creating art...Moriah, my daughter, wanted to make bird ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree.  I pulled out the baby Janome and turned it on and sewed!  She gave me the incentive (or shove) and we are having a good time.  She doesn't really sew so she needed some help.

going around those curves is tricky

She selected all the fabrics and going through them with her had me giddy.  

These two pieces above where dropped off for an exhibit coming up in January at The Kentucky African American Heritage Center.  The day I dropped these off I also picked up 3 other pieces from A Day of the Dead Art Exhibit.  So, "slow but sure" is and has been my motto for a long while.

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