Thursday, January 7, 2016

Creating with Intent

Last night I cleaned up this image and tweeked it a bit.  This is not the cleaned up copy.

I'm going to attempt to blog the development of this piece and my thought processes around how it will come to fruition.  The notes I made in the margins are as follows:

  • skin tones: raw umber/burnt sienna or paynes grey.
  • consider the decayed urban church screened in the background or as the background
  • bottom 1/3 in diamonds or hexagons-pieced-consider blue/white commercial fabrics, all different
  • consider yellow-orange heart behind them, engulfing them which could give the opportunity to play with highlights, but I liked the flat appearance of the study.
  • heart would have some metallic in it and/or reflective bead embellishment
  • blackbirds/sparrows present one season in the town Sula and Nel lived in
  • figure/male with bell, rope tied around waist connected to bell, if used, subdue image as not to compete.
  • ear smaller, heads larger.
  • could attempt a more complicated background in collage Romare Bearden style to suggest a village of people, if used, images fused in cubism....people combined with birds and masks and houses
  • take a look at the sketch for Milkman's Journey and consider the layout for the background or merge the 2 images into one quilt....really want a quilt for each novel but the 2 sketches work well together, but could be too busy for my personal aesthetics as would the collaged background.
These are thoughts I contemplated as I looked at the outline and asked myself "where do I go next with this?". 

I was going to use a projector but I remembered the glass got broken last Spring.  So, my next step is to take the image to Kinko's and enlarge it.  I know I could do it on my printer but I do not want to tape the pages together.  


  1. What a wonderful idea. It would be great to take a whole year to create art around our favorite literary characters. Keep it going!

  2. If I can not get is my aim.