Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Such Great Vibes Today

I was in the studio today from 7 this morning until 1.  I started out by unmolding my gel plate.  It is damp feeling but seems pretty tough.  I was expecting it to feel more plasticized and not as malleable as it is.  I'll start some mono-printing tomorrow.  I also will try another recipe to compare the "feel".
Do you have a recipe that uses glycerin for a semi-permanent gel plate?

I did a daily zentangle this morning and pulled a ufo (unfinished object) off the design wall and made a decision about quilting.  I will not tell you how long it has been waiting patiently for me to return, but I was surely joyful that I felt on top of my vision to get with it.  I decided to hand stitch it to go with the folk/other worldliness vibe that it gives off.  I will do some light machine quilting solely functional to secure the 3 layers.  I'm only hand stitching through the top and a light-weight stabilizer. Here are some snapshots.

This is the thread I am using for her hair has been a booga bear to work with but it hasn't got the best of me!  

After homework and dinner with the hub-man and the grandkids  I hope to return back to the basement and work on some crochet and do some exercises from the crochet workbook. (see previous post).

Oh, and the studio music today!  Everything from Alberta Hunter to Zydeco....B.B. King, Mahalia Jackson, Fela Kuti, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Art Tatum, John Legend, Gil-Scott Heron, Anita Baker....its been awhile since I flooded my space with such great vibes.  Today, life is good. Peace...or Karoda out (drops the mic)....okay, I'm not as cool as our President...but wasn't he absolutely the best at the WHCD?

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