Sunday, August 13, 2017

Here I Am

I should be trying to get the broken needle out of the bobbin carriage but instead I'm pondering how the needle was broken.

Last Monday I had surgery to save my eyesight.  To save where my vision is now.  Looking at everything through a light gray curtain.  The surgery's intent was not to reverse the damage but to prevent it from getting worse.  Have I placed this worry at the feet of Jesus?  Yesterday I did.  But am I picking it back up by writing about it here?  I don't know.  I know that I have know way of saying if my sewing is good or if its good because I can't see yet keep trying and does it matter, should it matter.  Really, what I want to acknowledge is the fear I feel even when I'm trying to find my way yet once again.

When the needle broke I had to question if it was due to my lack of vision.  Then I even debated writing this blog entry but my words in my head felt like an essay starting to form and I thought it best not to neglect any form of expression coming through me.

But it feels like I've come full circle here...starting this blog in '04 as a way to go beyond pulmonary hypertension diagnosis.  I have indeed inherited my father's people's health or ill-health.  Something that most of my genealogical interviews never touched upon.  Yet here I am.

I sewed on my machine for the first time since my vision began fading.  I did some free motion quilting using a green metallic thread against a medium toned gray fabric.  I've spent this week slopping paint around in journal using bright bold colours.  I can see that if my creative work continues, my palette will change to high contrast.  And because I can't see dept in colours, the palette might become wild and loose.

This small quilt is a very old slow cloth that I've showed here before.  I'll share it when its complete.
Peace and Love.

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