Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bears No Resemblance

Yesterday I returned to school.  The 9th grade specifically.  I sat in my son's classes except for PE which is the only class he is passing...that and art and even art with a C because he isn't doing well on the tests and written work.  Was he humiliated? Yeap! Hopefully enough to stop this crazy yo-yoing (hey, is that a pun for a quilt?)!  I will be doing this at least once a week.  You should have seen him walking very fast ahead of me...said he didn't want to be seen as a "mama's boy"...Well I told him to get his act together and I'd stop coming to class.  If this doesn't do it, then I'm going to volunteer as a teacher's aid a couple of days a week.  I really don't want to do that but if I must, I will.  You see he isn't a behavior problem one bit.  Actually he is very quiet (accept for at home) and a constant daydreamer.  Teachers and mentors who have worked with him all say when he has his feet and mind on earth he is rather "profound and intuitive".  All this is wonderful and it "keeps hope alive" but it will not graduate him from high school.  He has recently made the basketball team (barely) but I'm hoping he makes the connection between being able to play in games and his grades.  He is discovering that being on the team is no different from the amount of time and committment and team playing and communication that being in the Boy's Choir undertook.  He is one that seems to have to "go there to know where"  A hard head will make a soft behind, eh?!

Here are the first 2 completed pages in my altered book.  The significance of this is I kept drawing and didn't abandon the page or opt to cover it over.  Now I wonder where these faces have come from...she looks mean and he looks like he is up to something.  No resemblance to the real us though, at least not physically (wink).

Dscn2194_1 Dscn2219 


  1. HOO BOY! I would hate to have to sit through classes again, but not nearly as much as having my momma sit through them with me!
    I think "she" looks surprised and dismayed, and I like the difference in his eyes. In fact, "he" intrigues me.

  2. Oh how I can relate! I also have a 9th grade son who is struggling to keep up because he is distracted by everything. We've always called him our little air-head. School has always been a struggle, but there is no more hand holding in high school and grades that slipped had no way of being saved.
    If he had been a behavior problem he probably would have had some intervention earlier. I could go on and on...
    My son is also on his high school's basketball team this year, so it sounds like we have a lot in common! Soldier all we can for our kids is what gets them through the rough patches.

  3. Good for you for going to class with him. I taught for ten years before I stopped to stay home and be a mom, and in all those ten years, and all the parents I invited/begged to come to class, not one ever came. As embarassed as he is, he will know that you care enough to come to school with him and make a difference.

  4. That would be tough, going back to high school. I hated it the 1st time around. I left mid senior year because I had enough credits to graduate, I didn't have to go anymore & I didn't want to. I've never even gone to a reunion I hated it so much.
    You're a braver woman than I am, & a better mom I'd say. Good for you!

  5. Karoda,
    You are a very good mama. As I Wise Woman I know often says, "Hangeth In There".
    You and your man are very handsome!!!

  6. How I can relate. Our son is also a ninth grader, he is "out there" also. Does the work, doesn't turn it in. "I forgot" I think there's something about boys this age, bodies are growing too fast and minds can't keep up. Also, starting HS where there's just so many more things to attract their attention!
    My friend who's been through this once says it gets better by 11th grade. Lord help us and them in the meantime!
    Nice couple pic too.

  7. OMG! This is bringing back memories. I never resorted to going to classes with him, but in retrospect, it would have been a great tool. When I look at him now, I can't believe how far we have come. You are a good mama and someday, he will thank you for caring so much. Luv ya, G

  8. Maybe it's just something about ninth grade. Even A, my "never a problem" son be3came sullen and willful between 8th and ninth.
    Male hormones perhaps?

  9. It's comforting to know other Mamas go through the same drama as me!
    Love the altered book - I think she looks sultry and he's very mysterious - hmmm

  10. Love the altered book and the photo of the two of you is great.
    He might get it together, if anything, to get you out of his school! LOL! If anything, he can never say that you didn't care and it'll be quite a story to tell someday, lol.