Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Nothing can beat a good book

to get through winter.  Dscn2227

Altering books is a great diversion.  Its nothing but pure fun as I can pull from any technique and it is never frustration if it doesn't turn out the way I intended because I have no intentions.  Just keep right on rolling along with ideas.

Mostly I've been playing with various ways to colour backgrounds and my favorite thus far is with layers and layers of acryllic paint and soft gel medium.  I like the pages stiff with a soft crackle sound when the pages are turned. 

The first image is The Sojourner Truth Page.  Unfinished. All these pages an ongoing.  Me and my girlfriend use to have Truth's Ain't I A Woman Speech committed to was often a way to alleviate stress and bring some relief after handling some personal injustice or another...we laughed and cried many'a times ab-libbing on this famous speech.  Water colours, ETAL, photo copy, stamped ink, marker, and pen have been used so far...I think it needs some grommets around the frame which is cut from the ETAL.  I ordered this last winter and never found a use for it but I see it will have many appearances here.

Dscn2226 This is tissue paper and acrylics.  Most of the pages are gessoed first with 2 coats minimum.  This one below I think will receive some foil if I find my foil sheets. Dscn2229  Friday I hope I can announce some good news but right now I've got to start an artist statement...this will be only my 2nd one for the public eye and as much as I like to write, I feel a little intimidated.  Just another ledge to fly off of, eh?!                                                                                                                                                               


  1. These are too gorgeous for words. I am a huge book art fan, including altered books. Jen

  2. These are wonderful pages. I'm learning by just seeing what you're posting on your blog. I seem to over work a page. I like your strength in simplicity.

  3. Karoda dear, leap and the net will appear. (Love the pages.)

  4. Love the pages of your book. I need to get started on one for next year.

  5. Very inspiring! I'm ready to start mine! Please show more pics of your progress. :)

  6. These are wonderful Karoda, you've got such a great variety of techniques, but they all say "you". I read a book about Sojourner Truth a few years ago, I really came to admire her, she had quite a life.