Sunday, January 7, 2007

Just Chillin'

Its been a peaceful undemanding Sunday.  The rain and the light gray overcast adds to the sense of peace. Mo made us breakfast this morning of pancakes and bacon and Ade has spent the day washing his clothes and working on a paper about global warming.  Peter has spent the day resting and working on the network and I even sat and watched a bad movie entitled "Birth" with Nicole Kidman.  I think it was attempting to be an "art" film.  The only redemption was seeing Lauren Bacall who played Nicole's character's mother.  My family has fired me from my Netflix duties because of a string of "weird to them" movies that I've ordered the last few months; BUT I'm not relinquishing the Netflix password so I'm still in charge!


For dinner I'm going to keep it simple...salmon croquette, green salad, rice or baked sweet potatoes.  It is nice to have the kitchen table clear once again so we can sit down and eat like "civilized people" as my mother would say.  Peter spent yesterday reorganizing space and now I have a niche to work without being heavily intrusive into group space.  My work space is a card table facing the balcony.Dscn2267  To the left I cleared knick knacks off  a book shelf and placed art supplies on it. 

Those 2 books on the right side of the table are gifts from Deb.  They are thick and short and just feel so good in the hands.  One is a theasaurus and the other is a dictionary.  Because of how they fit so well in the palm of my hands and the wonderful text, I want to take a more thematic approach.  Here are some pages I worked on today-

Dscn2270  This one (on left) I'm naming after my brother, Upfromsumdirt, that is his inner persona like Karoda is mine.  Dscn2271 

And this one (on the right) is in progress.  I'm going to add a window under the text and an element that ties together both sides of the pages.

Peace and Blessings, 


  1. Those pages are beautiful. I love how this is so soothing for you.

  2. I excited to see what you make of them. Question - Do you consider letting the original printed content "stay" in some places?

  3. I laughed out loud when I read that you had been fired from Netflix! Thank goodness, no one can fire me, but even I am surprised at some of the movies I order. Recommendation: DO NOT PUT "Bubba Hotep" on your que. Someone recommended it, I ordered it (it sounded funny - Elvis didn't die, but ended up in and East Texas nursing home). The only redeeming aspect was Ossie Davis, but what possessed him to do that movie is beyond me. At least it gives me something to talk and laugh about! And I can't be fired.

  4. Karoda -- happy New Year! (it's still early enough to say that, isn't it??).
    I finally talked DH into Netflix and it's been great till I let him pick a movie. Do NOT rent "Little Miss Sunshine," which is the stupidest and worst movie of the past decade. No redeeming features. Keep that password!

  5. Hey Karoda,
    Just stoppin' through to see how you are. I actually had some free time to peruse some of the folks on my blog roll. Hope you're having a good start to your new year.

  6. Karoda, I have 4 gesso'd altered book projects begging to be altered. This post has SO inspired me to just DO IT.

  7. Stunning sketchbook pages! Amazing! So much talent!

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