Saturday, January 6, 2007


Last year at this time I was working through the book Color and Composition and just generally piddling around to keep my hands on cloth.  Late fall of the previous year I had finished this quilt which to that date was the largest quilt I had created based on previous postcards.  Afterwards I didn't know what to do with myself.  Its been the same rhythm this season as well.  Writing poetry was the same also, winter was my down time, my questioning time, my doubt time.

Yesterday I was undecided and jittery. I had the urge to sew.  Sew blue fabrics specifically.  I didn't want to cut any fresh fabrics and I didn't have enough "blue" in my scraps.  What to do, what to do...I put the sewing machine back up and pulled out an altered book.  It was easier and silenced my critical voice which was a little bitchy yesterday.  Of all things she was worried about the opening reception this coming Friday for Form, Not Function.  Hair, makeup, wax eyebrows, that dress is over dressed, and pluck those damn chin hairs! That bitchy critical voice...anyway, I kicked her to the curb and worked on these pages...


The first one I did on the left shows up how unsettled I was in the use of the writing and doodles. The writing says what I couldn't communitcate with an image..."To create Paradise one must know Magic.  In order to know Magic, one must walk with elephants and dance with the sun.  In order to dance with the sun and walk with elephants, one must make love with imagination."  I was thinking about the nature of Paradise (its in the title of the book I'm altering) and how it has to be a place on the inside of ourselves. 

The second page on the right I was settling down and this page is more reflective of what I like and seems to come closer to communicating the concept of Paradise.  Its unfinished...something needs to be added in the upper right...not sure if it should be a design element or more colour or both.

Here are 2 older pages that are completed.  Household chores are calling.  Peace.

Dscn2265 Dscn2266_1


  1. See you Friday. Don't be nervous. I love how you think and create, visual poetry

  2. I love those new pages. Reprogram that critical voice!

  3. Your pages are wonderful. Don't worry about the show. You will be fine. I can't make the reception, but plan to go to the show.

  4. Oh, I wish I could go with you and hold your hand. You are goin to be great!!!!!!

  5. Your pages are FAB! I know you're going to be great - no worries girl!

  6. Tell that inner voice to take a chill pill & let you play! Listen to the inner child. She's much more fun!