Thursday, February 15, 2007

What, Why, How, Who, When and Where

Tonight is the LAFTA meeting...ummm, I think I'm not going to go tonight.  Today is a day that nothing commands my time outside of home and I'm opting to stay in.  It is sunny but Babee, its cold outside!  On my radar this weekend is spending time with a sister, niece and great nieces and nephews.  Mo, my daughter, is bent on having her prom dress made and Deb, sis, will be making it.  So this weekend we'll buy fabrics for the dress, and the dress fabrics for me.

Also, this Saturday is the regional meeting of SAQA that Carnegie Art Quilt Critique Group will host at the Carnegie Musuem and on Sunday it is the Sankofa Seam Alliance meeting.  These I plan to attend.  Since I've stopped working (damn! almost 2 years ago), I've become much more conscientious about my time and place.  I was telling P. that I seldom drive beyond a five-ten mile radius...also, I'm a lot less spontaneous and find myself dividing my calendar into quarters and planning quilt related trips that I want to take through 2008. 2008!!!!!!!! Geez, I never planned that far ahead!!!!  The old Karen would have only concerned herself with getting in the vacation time from work and not thought about the trip until nearly time to go. The changes I see in myself brings to mind a girlfriend saying "she's died at least 7 times" meaning she also been resurrected at least 8 in order to accept the changes that life brings. 

I've been browsing through Testimony: Vernacular Art of the African American South . The artist, Purvis Young's works holds mystery (I love), busy (less so), gentle (I like).  I'm looking at art of others that appeals to me and asking myself "why?" as an exercise to help me define what I want to do in quilt art. Soooo, a gentle, I can do busDscn2335y when there is mystery (imagery) and gentle (colours)...Yeap, I think I'm getting there, "there" is towards the cognitive reasons of how to achieve what I'd like to do in my work. 

Here are more pages from altering books.  The one on the right has pockets but I haven't decided what I'm going to put in them. The one below has eyelets set in.  This was the first time I used the eyelet setting tool and I was digging that a lot.  I'm going to try this in a quiltlet.

Dscn2334 Today I was going to re-start my Photoshop lesson but I think I'm going to make some more straw beads since I found them yesterday along with my foils that have been missing for 6 months. Where did I find them? I'll just say plastic storage containers are fast breeders and before long you'll be looking for ways to organize the plastic boxes that you purchased to organize the stuff inside them!



  1. It's cold here too! I shoveled the drive 3x today so that I could get down the hill and out to work tonite. So. I'm there now. Where are those ungrateful undergraduates?
    Like you, I am becoming very protective of my time and time for creating. Would love to try an alatered book one day.

  2. May I suggest that you change your diet!!!!It might not be the 'cure-all' solution but it will surely take you halfway there. I have been reading your blog now for some time (I am a black european woman)and I was really surprised to see you, such a young person, with all that paraphernalia tubed into your nose etc......Eat vegetarian, good fresh food, and give yourself 6months to see the difference. Also, find a qualified natural therapist to help you on the way. You might not be able to rid yourself of this disease but I guarantee your quality of life will improve. Please feel free to delete this if it offends you. Be well!