Monday, March 10, 2008

Making A Way

To get some idea of where I'm starting from with the basement, take a peak at the 7 photos I've uploaded in the photo album, Making A Way, located in the side bar.

My oldest son is suppose to refer someone who does hauling and painting...I'm antsy, excited, anxious.


  1. looks like plenty of space....

  2. Hey dearest Karoda, Congratulations on finding and reclaiming a studio space. I see wonderful things coming from your new studio. Also thanks for your concern over the snow. We stayed inside and enjoyed the purity of white.

  3. I love the anecdote about your father 'interrupting' the neighbors' television viewing. I'm sure all efforts will feel worthwhile once you're settled into a creative groove. And yes... I definitely HAVE thought about all the sleep I lost on that old mattress!