Thursday, January 29, 2009

And we have a winner!




My great niece Amelia is holding Teddi's name.  We had fun grasping the concept of "just one" for the first few draws and then she finally caught on.

The book will be on its way to New Mexico in trade.  I just wish I could figure out a way to go with the book and escape the snow and ice.  School has been out from Tuesday through the end of this week and I've been in since then as well. 

I was at my workshop on Monday and look what I did...

DSCN3870-1 I sliced this quilt right down the middle.  Since I did not clued me that my emotional attachment was low.  It was a collage exercise from the start and I didn't like it...I'm going to re-fashion it into something I want to hang here at home.   I'm holding a series in the back of my mind on Prayers and at first I was thinking I would make this the first one, but its better off as a study for what to do and not to do when I get to that series. 

Here is what the refashion might look like when its finished...nothing complicated...but I love the colours and the photos.


Thanks to those who expressed interest in the trade and the give-a-way. 

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  1. glad to see a new post here. Have just been reading your area got hit hard from the ice storm and that news had me worried ...