Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meditating Over It...

Yesterday I sat in silent meditation with the quilt pictured in the post below and together we decided that the size cannot change.  To address the puckering concern, round donut-shaped stones in a variety of sizes will be added on.  The solution felt BRILLIANT!  The stones echo the motif of life being circular as well as a line from the poem.  I applied the evaluation techniques I learned in the Benn/Morgan Workshop.  I saw that the cloth was not as complex in layers as I previously viewed it and wanted more, so the additional embellishments will help some with this.  One of the comments that Claire Benn had made was that American surface designers tend to lean toward less layering than their European counterparts when making complex cloth.  (Not a judgement but an observation)  I want this series to be vibrant or intense AND sophisticated in appearance.  I spent about 3 hours yesterday evaluating this quilt...not continuously...I would write my observations and thoughts down between staring at the quilt.  I took brief breaks to start on another work in progress that I've named my Prayers series...the fabric is one dyed by Helene Davis that I picked up at AQS-Paducah years ago...I stamped it with a symbol for Sankofa and quilted it a long while ago.  I started the beadwork yesterday:

DSCN3858the beads are amber-coloured but the fabric is not this warm and is even a cool brown...the lights in the dining room gives off a yellow cast plus I couldn't remember how to turn off the flash.

The inspiration for Prayers came from the beaded prayers project by Sonya Clark.  In my last year of employment I came across her work and contacted her about doing a workshop with with the clients that utilized services where I worked.  We coudn't afford her fees and the interest in fundraising specifically for this project was not present in the Development staff.  I was deflated by it because I soooo believe in the art and health connection.  I have one completed in this series (story of my life) called The Faith of the Mother.  I've shown pieces of it on the blog but not the completed quilt...will try to get it photographed soon. 

Let the blessings rain on us all! Peace,



  1. I am so happy that you have found a solution to keep the quilt at its current size. the beading on that motif is beautiful. I am watching the inaugural concert from the Lincoln Memorial. So inspiring. I am so hopeful and happy.

  2. Eager to see the addition of the stones!

  3. Rock On! What a great solution !
    Blessings do rain upon us all and another blessing story begins tomorrow.

  4. What a beautiful piece Karoda! I love Helene's fabrics and also Helene...what a great lady!!
    Speaking of great: this is a great, great day. I'm on my way to an Inauguration Party. This is a day of celebration, but also of hope, love, and making wonderful changes in the US and the world. The whole world is watching US again, but in a hopeful manner now, and we must respond in a wise and positive manner.
    Warm Hugs to you! and I hope you got some sleep!

  5. hey, I'm catching up on various blogs, and I wanted to say how much I love all the stuff you've been doing with text. Inspirational ... I'm a sucker for calligraphy & text, always have been. Keen to see how this beaded piece progresses too, and your stone doughnuts ...