Monday, April 6, 2009

Art meteorology patterns

Schizoid weather patterns!

Yesterday I simply absolutely refused to believe it!  We had a beautiful, gorgeous day yesterday...warm, bright, cheery...the evening turned cloudy and dark and thunderstorms came in...but it was still warm...okay, I was good.  The part I refused to believe was the prediction of snow flurries and the high in the 30's for today.  Denial is not a river in Egypt.  Howling winds and the need to turn on the heat woke me this morning...It is still wet outside and the gray ovecaste remains from yesterday's storm and the snow flurries are still predicted today...damn, I think I'm going into shock!!!!  I'm only relieved and warmed by knowing my fridge is full and thus, no running "survival errands" and the only going out today will be to hang with other textile/fabric friends.

Sankofa bird takes flight.

I finished my little bird and since it was all about playing around, I went ahead and glued it to a canvas (never tried this before) and started 2 more:


I'm digging this little gem and hung it in my workshop.


Working with the inks is definitely about layering them on little by little.  They do blend well but I find it best to dry each layer (by ironing) before adding the next.  And those tiny bottles really have a lot of ink in them and it really is apparent just how much if one spills over on you :)

Update on The Poetry Series

With the mishap of the last quilt that I ended up cutting up into 2 smaller quilts and painting over, I'm weighing what I originally had in mind with the outcomes thus far and how flexible I want to be in changing what I had in mind at the onset...I'm asking myself, am I not excuting correctly due to skill limitations? should I remain open during the process and continue to allow unforeseen outcomes to occur?  if I continue to identify these already completed quilts as part of the poetry series, what makes them so when they have strayed from my original intent?  Even though the outcome and processes stray off, I am still working with intent combined with firmly working out the African American adage of "making a way out of no way" by taking what occurs and bending it back into my will.

This is all fuel for me and while I've been weighing these questions, simultaneously am working on creating the palette of fabrics in reds, yellows, and greens.  I'm still writing on fabric so when the weather breaks firmly into spring-summer temps, I'll be ready to add more layers.


  1. The bird is just scrumptious. The angle of the photo really shows off the beading.

  2. i love the sankofa bird it is one of my favorite adinka symbols.

  3. wow your weather is even more of a puzzle than here. Think your notion to glue the bird to the canvas yielded a very nice result. "lifelines" is now officially in the works although the weather patterns are screwing with my neurology in some partially incapacitating ways ...

  4. Love the bird! Yeah! I am with you on the weather my dear. Today is balmy at 55 and screaming blue skies. My bones at least are not screaming - at least for today. Tomorrow the prognosticators are saying cold and rain. I yearn for warm and dry to stay for just a bit longer that a say (hummm-sounds like a song!

  5. Love the sankofa, it is a "gem" What about if you took and just mounted and framed these? They'd look great as a series. Maybe they could be done as a triptych?
    You were right about the Lutradur, it was fun to play with.

  6. This is such an unusual Spring! We've been back and forth and have another change on the way...just as we are about to warm up again.