Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Visit Jeanne's Blog

Jeanne Raffer Beck wrote a post on her blog that echoed in my head while I was reading is so identical to my coming in and out of my workshop and my own attempts at creating my own designs with cloth that I wish I could have written it.  You should read it.

Also, if you're a regular blogger, then at some point you ponder over the best way to reply to comments.  Mostly, I answer via email if I have a response to a comment left...there is one blogger in the Art Quilter's Ring that reponds to comments in the post that follows the previous one.  I've also noticed that several bloggers respond to comments within the comment section.  I like the fluidity of dialogue that comes with commenting within comments but also like commenting to emails because it opens up the chance to get to know someone.  Which do you prefer, answer from the perspective of a commentor and/or a blogger.  Maybe I'll pick and choose which is the best way to respond based on the type of comment and what it elicits in me.


  1. In general I prefer to make comments directly with the post itself, and then as a blogger to make replies there too.

  2. I do both. A quick email when it is available is my preferred way with a comment in the original post. I would say that I always do that but as of late, I have been very lax and have even skipped the reply in the comments on my blog. Sometimes life gets too hetic!

  3. Hi Karoda!
    You know that I prefer to email my responses to comments left on my blog privately. Once I've left a comment on someone's blog, I rarely return to that comment page to see if they have responded. I much prefer to receive an email response.
    I also agree with Karen: sometimes life does get too hectic!
    Thanks for being there for me!

  4. i like to do both when i can, but i do like to encourage the dialog on the blog. it depends on the relationship. i think it is important to respond personally to first time comm enters to open up the possibility for the relationship to grow.