Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Its A Miracle!!!!


Well, lookahere, lookahere, I can upload pictures!

This is another 6x12 completed (for the most part).  Do you think the fringe should stay...I was planning to trim it but looking at it here, I kinda like it.  I went through at least 7 bobbins as I experimented with thread painting.  I received Carol Shinn's book in free motion embroidery and decided to thread paint this one...she uses heavy canvas also which takes thread painting beautifully!


DSCN0281 These are just me auditioning possibilities at random.  The green fabric is my continued writing on cloth in readying fabrics to continue with the Poetry Series.  Writing on cloth is time consuming but I decided to do the writing on multiple pieces before doing successive layers.

Back in 2003 when I jump started this journey of quilting I saw myself doing picturesque quilts...human faces in fantasy/mysterious settings.  My attempts were not enjoyable...didn't enjoy the realism in applique.  The image on the left above was done using a stencil I cut from a picture of one of my great nieces...the one on the right was based on a free hand drawing in my journal of an artist whose name I can't recall but he uses found objects and old pressing irons in his work.  The stitched image was done using free motion drawing. 

Here are some images from some of my journals:


young man-child w/ dreadlocks


aborted pod from magnolia tree


art from others that I find appealing.

I found a video that Melanie Testa did (on YouTube) of her studio...I've been wanting to delve into doing short videos...I think I'll make it a goal for the month of July...with the first one being a view into my workshop.  Hopefully the learning curve will not be too deep.


  1. The thread painting is beautiful. I like the fringe. Did you do a photo or free hand.

  2. I love the thread painting, Karen. And I too vote for the fringe.

  3. It was free hand and eazy peazy...time consuming but eazy peazy.

  4. yeah , i love that top photo! great! intense.

  5. I love the thread painting and the fringe!

  6. Glad to read AND see that photos can be uploaded. Had you switched servers to make this happen?
    Looooooove that sun on the water piece. By all means keep that wonderful aura of fringe.
    Faces aren't easy. Yours are appealing ... all three styles.

  7. Hey, Glad to see you posting inspirations again. I think the fringe makes the piece.
    Wow! You must have much more time than I do or you do not have as many UFO's as I do.
    Was the stitching done on the reverse side of the piece with heavy thread in the bobbin, or on the right side?

  8. Carol, the thread was on the top, not bobbin work. Today I practiced writing in cursive on the canvas. I hand it better or it is more forgiving than quilter's weight cottons.
    Nellie, still on the same server...not sure what the man did but it was related to the network speaking to the computers. He loves to tech tinker and I stopped long time ago trying to keep up...he calls me "an end user" as if its a bad thing.
    Thanks for votes on the fringe...I'm going to go over the fringe again with paint for better coverage.

  9. Ab Fab! Love it...with the fringe.

  10. Your 6" x 12" piece is BEAUTIFUL! Looks woven! Very gorgeous!