Saturday, June 13, 2009

Retrospective in Photos


First, a cuppa tea. 


Karoda's Workshop

My assignments from online workshop, Graffiti Chic with Alisa Burke.


And I thought it was finished.

Karoda's Workshop2

 Six by Twelves in the making.

The 5 images below summarize our staycation week activities.


Jefferson Memorial Forest


One of the many toys made by Marvin Finn for his children when they where young.


Another early Finn toy.


This is a small representation of what Finn is famour for.


Mr. Finn, I believe painted by his son, who carries on his legacy in wood.

 Vacation Week June 20092

Such an elegant shape in glass.  The five above images were taken at the Kentucky Musuem of Art & Craft.

Vacation Week June 2009  

Family Funny Business at Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

Vacation Week June 20091  

A day trek to the Columbus Zoo

And finally...what is this?  I picked them up from the ground at Yew Dell Gardens.  Some type of conifer?  I'm in love with the shape and colours.



  1. I love that chicken. Some great photos.

  2. oh please post if you get a positive ID on those pod-like cones. Plus that red thread! what is it about red stitches that causes such intense swoon fits?

  3. I love the chicken and the engine!

  4. Thanks for sharing your excursion. What an adventurous time you must have had. I think you like me have a love affair with circles. Just love the Rooster.

  5. Uhoh! We both share a love for the same kind of tea! Looks like it was a great staycation too !

  6. Dr. Paul CappielloJune 15, 2009 at 8:55 AM

    The little "pod-like cones" are actually the fruiting structures from a magnolia. The specimens you picked up from the ground did not set any seed and that is why they were shed by the plant. The structure is actually an aggregate of follicles - if anyone cares.
    Yew Dell