Wednesday, February 17, 2010

As I typed this Martha Stewart demo'ed how to make felted soaps.

One of my favorite tunes that Cheryl Lynne Skinner use to sing when she performed locally had a line that said "i'm sitting in the house with everything on my mind, looking at the clock and can't even, can't even, tell the time". 

Img005 dig the gold by Liquitex!  

Amazingly, I'm calm and cool and relaxed even though I've not left my domain since coming home from the hospital.  I'm even letting the fingernails grow...(a little idiosyncracy about me, I clip them short because I do not like the whites of my nails to show and have never been a fan of long nails even when I had regular manicures done at salons...nail techs found me odd that way.  But this obsession with clipping them short as I do started about 3 years ago when I was going through some BS with my daugther and I just never stopped.  I also found short nails to be better for handling paints and dyes so it just made sense to continue.)

 beginninImg007g a new "design writing"

If I'm honest with myself, it will be March before I return to either The Basement Workshop or The Beauty of Holyness Studio.  The comments in the previous post boosted my spirits.  The idea to start "design writing" came intuitively without any preconceived ideas of where the lines and values would go.  I just kept changing up pens and writing anything from what I heard on tv, what the doctor said to me, something I recalled, or a slew of emotions.  The idea Mai-Britt offered to make copies and experiment with colouring them was like "a duh, why didn't I think of that" moment.  Thanks Mai-Britt for the idea.  I haven't been in Photoshop in so long that I didn't feel up to taking in sharp turns in my brain by trying to recall how to do layers, but when I do feel up to I think I'll try working them with colour that way. 


i got carried away

Deborah's idea to start a study made me go "wow! i'm going to do an entire journal, page after page design writing"  I dig this!  Then Acey suggested seeing them stitched and I thought "ummm, did she mean stitched paper quilts...thats cool, I've never done one...or did she mean print them on fabric, ummmm saw a quick layout in my head...then I thought a paper and cloth quilt!"  I dig this also.  The art of holiness and the holiness of art is that it is regenerative on soooo many levels, one being that it draws community, and out of community, one finds their tribe.  So thank you to all who commented, one love!

Img008doodling faces to mimick Ethiopia artists.


  1. This post made me smile. You are getting healed and healing takes time. I am happy that you are finding things to amuse yourself, creatively. Hangeth in!!

  2. I love the creativity that comes forth even when we are in healing mode.
    Nothing can stop a Karoda...nothing! (it's winter and there was a segue in there somewhere).

  3. yeah what Gerrie said about healing. I am in my own version of a mid-winter health caul and think of you more often than you'd imagine. What I thought of with the stitch idea was hooped canvas that you thread painted/machine wrote. And maybe special sections further emphasized with hand stitched. very moderate amount of low key black beading in places where the word-language naturally blurs to purer shades of form. Not that I'm arm chair quarter backing. In the meantime I did get to thinking about paper-stitching. Or draw-stitching with copic markers ...

  4. "nothing can stop a Karoda"...from your keyboard to God's iPhone!

  5. ummm, using the needle as the pen to literally journal. one of the things Juanita Yeager (blog is Art-Quilt-Works) told me when I first started out was to write my name over and over to get the hang of FMQ. You've given me so good ideas...will have to wait until I return to The Basement for this one though.

  6. Thank you Gerrie...I'm going to see if I get more done since giving up FB for Lent...(chocolate would have been so much easier since I don't eat much of it in the first place, but that wouldn't have been cheating the purpose)