Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just remembering what I was doing in pictures before what I'm doing now...


My lungs are clearer than they've been in a very long time! My doctor released me yesterday from being house bound and I thought I'd return to The Basement Workshop today but the temps have dropped below freezing and after yesterday's running around I found myself good for nothing but sleep when I returned home. 


 I'm in dire need of a hair cut but as always when it begins to grow out I entertain the thought of doing something different with my hair other than my signature cropped close to the scalp afro.  But I've turned into such a really LOW maintenance chick that the thought of keeping any sort of regular appointments with a braider or beautician makes me go NO WAY! But I really could do a little better.  Wish barbers made housecalls.


Remember the art journal I had lost?  Well I found it buried under some things at the Studio. This is a page from it for materials to be used in the above piece.  Looking at it now, it feels like it will be a "safe" risk taking here. 


Today will be filled with reading.  Yesterday I picked up the latest SDA journal, Studio, and Legacy magazines. I've started another book by Zades Mda, Ways of Dying with the same protagonist, Toloki, the professional mourner, but this one takes place in his home country of South Africa.  Also I'm continuing to scribble and work with colour in the design writing that I began while in the hospital...all this should keep me out of any trouble for a day or two...

Hurry up Spring!


  1. i am so glad to read about the doc report! and, i must say, you amaze me...such a creative being.

  2. glad you are feeling better, take it easy....

  3. Wonderful news about your lungs, Karoda:)

  4. Glad you are doing better Ms. K. What about 2 strand twists for a hair switch up. It's a nice alternative between hair cuts. Love the journal work. You have inspired me to get myself back in the studio today. Peace, Deborah

  5. So glad to hear that your health is on the upswing! BTW, I did have a hair stylist who made house calls. He was good too! He was trained and certified, but worked a different day job (that may have payed better, or was just more convenient) and then cut hair for friends as time allowed. All you had to do was call him and arrange a time for him to come over and do his magic. With no salon overhead, the haircuts were cheap too! Maybe someone in your area knows of a barber for hire.

  6. I reallhy like the journal page with the 5 on it.
    I hope that you work on it some more.