Friday, July 2, 2010

Meet my youngest son


He is the spitting image of his father!

Ade, Mo, and Carter were in The Basement Workshop with me yesterday.  I worked on a design project and did the stitching and fusing on it today.  It will get a few seed beads and a stone (when I can find the ones I'm looking for).  This is the 2nd one...I'm calling it 2304:2...or thats what I'm calling it today.  If I stick with the title, then the previous one will have to be titled 2304:1  I could call it *therapy work.   


Ade took this picture of me working at The Beauty of Holiness Studio on Wednesday.  My art making time is regular sporadic snatches of time.  I walk in and look around and ask myself what can I do...I think I'm getting more done this way or at least if feels like it.  Today before I left the basement I soaked fabrics in bubble jet and another few pieces in Golden digital ground and hung them to dry...if I was actually working on "goals", taking the time to soak these fabrics or doing something like 2304:2 would have been pushed to "another day".


He signed up to enter into the Nature category in photography at the state fair.  You go man!  Okay, I'm off to dream land!  Go out and do something fun thhis weekend!



  1. Looks to me like a fun day was had by all ! Now that's a good day !

  2. LOL! Was the mask for anything in particular??? LOVE the piece you're working on below!!

  3. How nice to see you at work! The mask is great -- what fun!

  4. You always look so happy and goddess-like in the At Work images. in love with that red fabric that shows up in the background of your cutting mat!

  5. the caption to the mask made ME LOL too!!! I like how you are learning about HOW you work...