Friday, November 19, 2010

Learning Curves, Fall, Week 2

Monday:  I was not consciously in my art mind today but when I stopped by the studio to drop some things off, I plopped down and surveyed the room I left last week and tried to think about what processes needed to be done to which fabrics.  Feeling defeated, I dug out some black construction paper and begin cutting shapes out.  This is an exercise from Finding Your Own Visual Language (Benn, Morgan).  Image Transfer is on the agenda tomorrow.  


Tuesday:  The studio didn't happen. First, I had trouble getting out of the house, damp, wet, cold weather aggravates my mobility and breathing but did make it and after taking care of some business with my mother, I headed to Mellwood.  Made 2 attempts in heavy rain to get me and my stuff (I'm always carrying stuff from one point to another) gathered up to walk the 40 miles across the parking lot, I felt defeated and came on home.   Once back home, I reviewed the lessons for tomorrow's Learning Curve and watched Ricky Tims dvd on machine quilting.  Tims' method look cumbersome but worth it when decorative stitching is a definitive element.

Wednesday:  The chapter on Color Management (Hansen) woke up lots of dormant brain cells.  I spent one hour reading in front of the computer with PS Elements open...changed my computer monitor from a bright lime green to a neutral gray background as she advised and looked at color calibration devices on Amazon.  The prices are prohibitive and although all this is leading to wanting to create digital art into textiles, I'll have to work with what I have first to see where it lands inside my spirit.  This will be dinner conversation with Peter today.

Thursday:  LAFTA meeting was so inspiring that I left there and spent and hour in the studio just to touch up on the four small pieces pinned to the print table.  The piece below I painted in the white spaces with blue and red but I think the values will be too dark.  Will consider going back in with discharge paste.


Friday:  I'm getting ready to spend a few hours working from Digital Expressions (Tuttle).  The author provides a CD of images for working through the book as an option. The Madonna and Child are from Wikipedia and copyright free and the man is off the CD that comes with the book. 

Digital Expressions1 Gentleman1 Digital Expressions2

1st attempt didn't quite understand, 2nd attempt with Tuttle's image, and 3rd attempt w/ better understanding.



Next week is Thanksgiving and next Friday is the onslaught of shopper's day.  F.A.T. Friday will be an all day affair and I'm planning to be in my studio for the anticipated foot traffic.  I said I was going to do more holiday themed post cards since they move really well for me and I'll string some lights in my studio window, but honestly the holidays always feel like "peer pressure" to me and I've yet to convince Peter of retreating during them...but for me, personally, I'd like nothing better than to go to spend them in a cabin, lodge, in the mountains or at the edge of a body of water surround by nature, mutual love with family and good food, music, good movies, and an all day Scrabble tournament.  That would be holiday bliss.  Most of these things do describe what we do except for the change in scenery.  As much as I'm an urban woman, sometimes the sights and sounds are an onslaught to my senses...and I feel it most around holidays, even when I was a child I was weird about holidays.  What I remember loving the most is basking in the fun of family get-togethers for what seemed to me, no apparent was just what one did on the weekends.  I'm kinda half-way recalling a theory by John Blassingame who attributed survival through the harshest conditions and  the flourish of creativity by what occurred in the few hours of down time and gatherings in the slave quarters away from the watchful eyes of overseers.  In some strange way that makes me feel off-center, holidays feel intrusive and like those watchful eyes trying to market my soul.



  1. You crammed a lot in one post. I love the black paper exercise. I don't know where I stand on working with digital art on fabric. I know it is the next big thing, but not sure if I want to go there.

  2. Isn't it amazing to examine all the possibilities of working with cloth? I like the idea of your Learning Curves--keeps you focused as you experiment in different areas.
    I'm weird about holidays, too. While there are elements that I love, the underlying pressure is uncomfortable. Even when you enjoy creating holiday themed works, especially for sale, there is a completely different feeling from creating without outside influence, just experimenting, and playing for your own enjoyment.

  3. Gerrie, when you get a chance check out the Art Quilts by C.J. Pressma...I hear him speak this morning.

  4. My body and psyche rebel against the underlying pressure. I suspect that as a child I kinda got lost among the holidays...I always felt "small". Might be one of those birth order experiences lol, I dunno.

  5. I'm with you on retreating for the holidays. I used to like them, but now I do feel the peer pressure, and I've come to resent the imposed requirements.
    Your experimentations are great -- there's nothing better than trying out new things to see if they are worth adding to your artistic toolbox. I'm with Gerrie that digital imagery on fabric isn't calling me (I don't like the inherent way fabric soaks up the ink - it looks so much more luminous on coated paper), however, I do think it is important to know how to manipulate things digitally, for other applications, and just in case. Again, it's another tool for the box.

  6. the printed fabric is viewed as a first layer and not a done deal when it rolls out of the printer. Over the weekend I saw up close and personal the quilts by C.J. Pressma and his work did achieve that luminosity but I suspect he had treated his fabric with digital grounds which comes in a gloss and matte.

  7. The fabric is awesome. I'd like to have some upholstery done like that.

  8. Well now Karen I haven't officially celebrated Christmas or "Holiday" in about 2 years. I too felt the undue pressure and all the wrong reasons for this time, since I did some real research on this day. I'm today older than I have ever been. LOL
    And I don't rush or let anything get me in a real hurry. My husband loves the holidays and I do what I do (meaning the traditional dinner) just for him, but I start the cooking the week before because I refuse to be in the kitchen for two days for one meal. The only reason I have a kitchen is because it came with the house. LOL Glad to see someone besides feel the need to slow and not live under the pressure.

  9. i just brought digital expressions yesterday. i have decided to read everything carefully before i start anything. take care of yourself, i don't want to here about you being in the hospital.