Monday, November 29, 2010

Learning Curves, Fall, Week 3

Monday:  I skipped class today and instead cleaned up images in Photoshop and then headed to The Basement and made several thermofaxes for printing.  The images came from the homework in Visual Languages (Benn & Morgan) on negative and positive space.


Also, I browsed through an older journal looking at my face sketches and discovered I was partial to sketching faces with the eyes closed.  I selected one that I would like to work with on cloth and will make some samples for painting and stitching.

Tuesday:  Woke up with a scratchy throat and apprehension and vulnerability...for years more than I care to count up, the week after TG marks the season of bronchitis/pnuemonia.  The unseasonable warm temps paired with sudden drops in temps is what my great grandmama called "fooler weather" and always admonished me to "wrap up" or at least put something on my head and around my neck.  In my youth though, in spite of the chronic asthma and sarcodosis in my lungs at the time, I still felt I had mind over matter and the benefit of my youthful energy that I didn't feel pressed to adhere to her folk wisdoms.  But as my mother still says "a hard head makes a soft behind".  

My goal is always to get through winter without being hospitalized.  I think my record since the early 80's is 2.5-3 years straight without having a hospital stay.  (So you can begin to understand or be reminded of my dislike of winter months.) 

Image Transfer (McElroy) is the on the agenda for today.  Since I'm still waiting to order some transfer mediums, I'm only going to read.

After Tuesday:  I just blew the rest of the week off and will begin again on Monday, the 29th.


The next Artist Interview is scheduled for posting on December 1st.  The Artist is Penny Sisto.


  1. Stay well. I have been thinking about your vulnerability as I have struggled with bronchitis this week. My Mom was in an out of the hospital, on oxygen and steroids. I think it is why I fear any compromise of my respiratory system.

  2. I wish you well this season. It sounds like you've got lots of art to make and explore.

  3. Stay well, take care of yourself. Sounds like you should be the one contemplating a move to Florida at some point--

  4. Bev, not sure what the future will hold, but the Man still has a few more years before retirement and I've been planting seeds now for a few years.

  5. thank making gives me a strong sense of well being.

  6. I tend to be hyper-vigilant for others in my life when it comes to respiratory and I just don't think bronchitis, flu, pneumonia is anything to take casually as the recuperation periods can last for awhile. hangeth in...and I hope you feel well very soon!