Tuesday, March 1, 2011

General State of Affairs

Forthcoming, 2 new interviews with artists coming this month.  Both are members of LAFTA.

As for my own art making, I'm somewhat back on track.  The warmer teaser we had weather wise a few weeks ago helped but I started feeling "puny" (as my great grandmother would say) over the weekend and  the firbro is flaring today.  I had good sense enough to bring home some hand stitching to keep my momentum up.  I'm hanging in there and I know when I'm feeling better I'll do more.  

Another series started calling me when by accident 3 pieces of cloth fell together while organizing to get Crowbonics going again.  I'll show it when I actually put it together.  It is a small piece so it should be up sometime this month also.

DSCN1829 rearranged my front window display.

Available Postcards.


  1. Love seeing your work hanging in those windows! Happy to know you are getting back to studio time.

  2. Really glad to see you in such good spirits. The window looks great, by the way I have heard a lot about "Crowbonics" but never could figure out what you were talking about. Would you enlighten the slowwwww one so I will know where you're going with this.
    Check my site to see who won the spools contest.

  3. I'll send my address via FB.

  4. oh, and here is the link for Crowbonics: http://karoda.typepad.com/seamless_skin/2010/05/crowbonics-the-scroll.html
    You can also search my blog (see upper right for the search function) for other posts about it.