Monday, September 12, 2011

Hear me and remind me what I said...

about 9 months from now...I'm going to take a leap of faith and get a booth next year for Mellwood's September Art Fair.  There. I said it aloud and wrote it in the blog, so it has to happen!  Last year, being a newbie to Mellwood, it didn't make sense to me to pay for a both and I ended up being thrilled with the visitors and sales.  But the bulk of the crowd is outside and in the event room specifically set-up for the fair.

This weekend was slower than last year's, but overall I still enjoyed it quite a lot.  Any time I get to talk to visitors about what I do in my studio I count it as a great day!  Selling one of my favorite pieces made it superbulous!  Aubergine Apple has found a new home.  The lady came in and knew exactly what she wanted without hesitation.  I was dye painting a piece and had paint all over my hands so I was being cautious not to get it on her or  the piece, but on the inside I was like "wow, she gets me, she really really gets me".


This was Aimee's, (studio mate), first fair.  She was there on Saturday and received a commission from Abraham Lincoln! I kid you not!  He and his wife (Mary Todd Lincoln) go into the schools as impersonators to teach...and he was looking for an artist to illustrate their presentations. Aimee is a history major and her father does similiar historical enactments!  She was the only artist he actually stopped to talk to!  Is that not fate, sychronicity, destiny, or what!!!?!!!!  I love it when life reveals to us that we are suppose to show up exactly when we show up and immediately know why! 


  1. It sounds like you had a good day. Congratulations on taking the leap for next year! I sure wish I could have stopped by but was out of town--maybe next year. Love the piece pictured--LOVE those colors.

  2. Take the leap- it sounds like it could be great for you. And congratulations on selling a piece!

  3. Don't ya just love synchronicity or serendipity! My fav kind of happening. Way to go on that sale. It's a good feeling knowing a customer gets YOU and your art by actually buying a piece. I have a card that I usually tuck in somewhere that says "a piece of my creative soul I gladly give to you".
    And about that promise to yourself for a booth next year....I'm holding you to it too because that's what this friend can do for you!

  4. Congratulations on the sale of Aubergine Apple - it is aptly named, by the way! I love it and wish I had been there to get it before its new owner did!

  5. It also means I have to go into production mode, because I also have my first solo show in Sept. of next year!