Thursday, September 15, 2011

I just couldn't make it happen today

I had a lazy vibe and it showed up in my attempts today...nothing was falling like I envisioned it...the best I did was like this colour combination....but the lazy practice resulted in dye spots where I didn't want them...


this view (above) is the cleanest section of the cloth. The next one was an attempt to use up dye I didn't want to throw out...but again, my print table was too saturated and needed changing, so dye spots appear where I didn't want them...


I used a foam cup to stamp...and crazy enough, it wasn't as much fun as using the toilet paper insert...

So after these 2 blahs, I thought I would do an old stand-by technique of writing on fabric...but that didn't go well either...


Of course, all this rigamarolling means I'll be in trying to save them mode for the next few days...maybe I should just put them away and start anew.



  1. This in my experience is a reason for discharging. Leave some of the color in the cloth and then do something on top of it. Never have thrown a piece of silk away yet. Some of my best work is third time around.

  2. Well, I have a feeling that you will view these in a better light when you feel less blah. I think that the sections all have value and interest. I do this a lot. Dis my work and throw into a dark corner and then, when I uncover it months or years later I think something along the lines of "hummm not bad, I wonder why I didn't like this !

  3. You just gotta work with what you get sometimes. I see cutting in strips and introducing some complimentary colors or whatever colors make you happy and making something. I'll take a piece of it. LOL

  4. I'm with when it doesn't come out as planned but I see you putting your spin on them nonetheless cause that's how you roll (my 10 yr old said that to me the other day and I cracked up with laughter so I'm using it on you too). Cause you will make that which for you is an ugly duckling turn into a beautiful swan. Put away till they speak to you again.

  5. Well, I think the written on piece is AMAZING as is..we are all too hard on ourselves at times, artists more than most..worst comes to worst you can overdye or draw over..or, hey I am with Carol..I will trade you some dyed silk for that piece!

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