Friday, October 21, 2011

letting go and moving on

I let go of the November 7th is an annual show and there is always next year...too much had to be done for a new piece to be completed.  However, behind that decision, I pulled out most of my smaller works that I have left and will loan them to the Iroquois Branch Library to hang for the month of November along with some of my cloth.  I have to put sleeves on some, others will go into frames...I also will be in a pop-up show next Friday along with my neighbors at Mellwood.  The pop-up show will be in one of the vacant studios just off the courtyard where a live band will be playing so we're aiming for more visibility.  


Below is the 1st piece I was attempting to complete before November 7.  This one is done with dye paint...I applied wax over the boats yesterday and scrapped both sides with a mixture of jet black, turquoise, and navy.  I have another one that is done with fabric paints which will be the main piece.  This one I'll complete for practice and preparation for the other one.


the fabric on the right was using up the last of the dye and print is stamped with crookedly cut potatoes.

and inspite of me cleaning off the surfaces of my desks earlier in the week, this is how they look now, just a few days later...

The ChitlinCircuit

and thanks to Paradise Videos for filming and EDITING the short clip of me talking about what I do!  


  1. Good that you made a decision in this moment, right now that's best for you. About that desk issue...mine never remains clean for long either, dang it!

  2. It's always healthy to know your limitations and not beat yourself up about it!
    Clean surfaces are so refreshing......and so nice to begin to clutter up again!

  3. I learned to move on a few years back. There's no sense beating yourself up about all that you did not do and stressing trying to do what you know will only add more stress to your life. I applaud you. You'll live much longer and with more peace in your life. Oh yeah, remember not to bite off more than you can chew without getting choked. Don't mind saying no to anything you know you may have to squeeze in. It took me a while to come to these conclusions, but since I'm closer to 70 than sixty I think it's time. Blessing to YOu.!!!