Monday, October 31, 2011

Checking in

November will be the last month of regular and weekly time in the studio...from December till March/April will be hit and miss.  About 1-2 days a week, maybe 3 some weeks.  Hibernation is my vibe til Spring.  I don't like it but it is a reality of the season that I have to contend with.

Around noon today, my brain finally kicked in and I was able to paint these 5"x7" canvases and mount the last of the Urban Egression postcards.  The exhibit at Iroquois branch library will not go up until after 5 tomorrow.  These will be included.





  1. I'm curious how you mount your pieces on the painted canvas. Are they sewn on? I LOVE how they look!

  2. Beth, they are permanently attached using gel medium.

  3. These are very impressive I must say. I like the concept of gluing the fabric art onto canvas. I've seen it before, but my brain is so full of things to do that I do not know if I'll get to this method.