Monday, February 13, 2012

500 pencils on the wall, take 1 down, pass it around, 499....

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By the start of fall...I'll have all 500 pencils!  I read about the 500 pencils some years ago on the QuiltArt email list.  It took me months of hemming and hawning but I broke down and ordered the 25 pencil/month plan.  By the start of autumn I should have all 500!  It was the collection of 500 colours which is alluring.  I would love to collect 500 solid colour fat quarters of fabric the same way!

My lungs have been junky, necessitating the need for a course of steroids and anti-biotics...with the dropped in temps, I haven't been to The Chitlin' Circuit in over a week...with only 1 trek out to test improvement in my lung capacity.  Surprisingly, I've kept the anxiety in check over losing time but have kept myself close to the hearth and entertained with pinterests, facebooking, blog and e-book reading.  Since getting the Kindle Fire, my book reading is back on!  I've read more books in a month then I did all of last year that were non-art making related!  And now that my library offers e-books, there is less threat to my budget.  My current author crush is Tayari Jones and it is my book review blog thats getting most of my action now.  

My two favorite boards on pininterest are DIY crafts and Food.  I've spent the last couple of weeks cooking dishes I found there...I tried recipes for thai noodles, brussel sprouts, zuchini boats, chicken salad, quinoa patties.  This cake is cooling now...but it is from, my go to food site.

DSCN2976apple cake

One of my studio neighbors has hosted Pinterest workshops which is "lets get together and make something we find on pinterest".  I haven't attended any but how clever an idea!  





  1. Sorry to hear you have been a bit "under the weather", but glad to hear also that you are managing it well. Cake looks yummy! Take care!

  2. that sounds like a fun group idea, for sure. The weather here is cold and my body is frail so I am not even making the library book club. Last month I didn't even (attempt to) read the selection. But I am having fun in my own way in the studio. Have thought since we first saw it that this would be a way for me to get out of the house on a regular basis during temps where I usually just look out of the window. or huddle under quilts. Singing praises to the warmer weather that cannot get here soon enough.