Friday, March 2, 2012

Deborah Stanley, Mellwood Artist Interview

Joyful Celebration
Joyful Celebration
Joyful Celebration (top) and A New World (bottom) Artist holds image copyright on all images in this post.

What I do:  I work primarily with polymer clay.  I’ve dabbled in other mediums such as photography and acrylics, but when I was introduced to polymer clay, I fell in love with it.  I’ve always been fascinated by marbled colors and how colors stimulate the senses and take you on a mental journey to anywhere you want to go.  I love working with my hands and manipulating color swirls and patterns.  It is a passion of mine to explore the limitless and innovative ways to express myself through this type of abstract art.  I currently create 2 and 3 dimensional pieces, as well as original designs for necklaces and earrings.  Since discovering polymer clay, I have used glass, ceramics and wood as my “canvas” and let the viewer’s mind wander wherever the swirls of color take them.  However, I have recently developed an interest in working more recognizable figures and objects into my designs with the purpose of expressing my personal views on issues such as freely expressing joy and hope for racial harmony through my newest works “Joyful Celebration” and “A New World”.


Artistic Expressions, Deborah's Mellwood Gallery

Why I do it:  Like most artists, I have a need to find ways to express myself.  I have found that making extra money with my art is great, but pales in comparison with the satisfaction and “therapy” that I receive from the creative process itself.  My art has been a great refuge for me when my mind seems overwhelmed with stresses that I have no control over.  You can’t put a value on a means of expression and healing that art provides to me.

 What upcoming changes do you anticipate for Artistic Expressions?

Artistic Expressions (A-173) is moving into The Kore Gallery (A-117), which is a more visible and accessible location, as part of a joint venture with three other artists. (both are located at Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center)


Deborah w/ her work inside The Kore Gallery


a bud vase by the artist

How do you define success for yourself as an artist?

By continually growing and finding new and more innovative ways to express myself through art.  Basically, if I continue to grow and am happy with my art, then that is success to me.

What suggestions do you offer for making Mellwood an even more attractive place for artists to work?

Create better signs to direct patrons to the studios.  Many artists feel hidden, especially on Trolley Hops and during big events.  Promote the diversity and number of artists that are at Mellwood.


polymer clay necklace


Artistic Expressions on Etsy

Artistic Expressions at Shutterfly



  1. Beautiful work! Thanks for the information! Missed you the last couple of weeks!

  2. Thanks Patricia...I'm so single focused on completing the "boats" quilt that I've become a blog recluse :). I'm hand embroidering each boat and then will quilt around them.