Monday, May 21, 2012

A Crystal Ball isn't needed...

to tell me there will be some un-sewing in my future.  My sewing table is now out of storage and in the studio, so this evening I gave my chops a work-out by quilting "docked".  It was small enough to not intimidate me, yet large enough to warm me up.  The circles are my favorite to quilt so I started with those, but then attempted a free-form cruciform shape that did nothing for the boats...I left them in for tonight and will take another look at it tomorrow but I'm almost certain I'm going to take them out and do the circles all over between the boats.

the full size is the middle of the bottom row
When I sat back and did the critique...this is what I works for me:  The colours, the suggested movement, yet stalled as if in a traffic jam.  I like the choice of blue thread around the boats.  The orange thread works and the circles make the boats stand out (maybe any background motif would do the same).  I was uncertain about doing the circles all over between the boats which is why I did the loose cruciform.  

Previously, I was excited about the hand embroidered knots...3 styles of knots in 3 sections, but today, I felt neutral about them.  I considered seed beads  to meander from the bottom to the top, but if I go with the quilted circles all over, the seeds might be unnecessary.   I quilted "boats of" "humanity" and "docked" in 3 different sections.  I will not be so literal with the other 2 quilts.  

For finishing the edges I'd like to trim in cord or a yarn.  If I go this route, having wavy edges is my concern.  I know there is a way to do it...if I recall correctly, Juanita showed me how to do this with tear-a-way stabilizer.  I have enough practice pieces in my scrap can to see if it works.  

I also spent some time sketching and laminating, but I'm too tired to scan what I did.  I arrived at the studio today around 2pm and didn't leave until 9pm...time flew by.


  1. I LOVE it. sewing is so much fun. your colors are great Karen. hope to see ya at the Mellwood quilt show :)

  2. Hey, your juices are flowing,and that's a good thing. I'm glad you are on a roll. Can't wait to see this one finished and the other piece you didn't show us this time.

    1. Carol, I'm trying to meet deadlines, which I'm not very good at anymore. But this year I declared was going to be all about production.