Thursday, May 24, 2012

A hard day's night (and some Praise)

 and my body is telling me so but I wouldn't trade it for anything because look what I've been up to...
My loot from Tickled Pink Memorabilia Mall, the best vintage-y store in the city!
The welcome sign, the young boy day-dreaming, a floral table cloth, and 9 linen napkins

improved the presentation of this 6"x12" is glued to a canvas and then recessed down in a frame

reference images for the drawings and transfer below

I'm drawing him everyday until the quilt is made.
ink drawing over the top of transfer image.  front/back.  I like the back the best.

And in between I'm hand quilting.  Tomorrow I plan to sleep in and head over to Mellwood in the evening for Trolley Hop Night.  

And let me close by raising my hands as a witness to the Grace of God!!!!  The challenges seem to never cease, but through it all...yes, through it all!


  1. Love've done the work so now you rest Hope the trolley hop was fun.

    btw...the drawings are really good.

  2. thanks Grace, and Trolley Hop was great! most folks are browsers and there for the entertainment but the handful of folks that come into my studio and really engage me at length about what I do pumps me up!

  3. I love your rendering and agree that the back is the more intriguing of the two.