Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Feeling the pinch in the shoe

The weather has been wonderful for the last 2 the 80s, low humidity, partially cloudy blue sky.  It was just a bit challenging to stay the course...was wishing for an outside studio today.

Today in the studio was more and the same...hand quilting, stabilizing a quilt that was attached to rag paper, layering another top.  Me sustaining this kind of focus for months at a time has become like squeezing a size 9 foot into a size 8 shoe.

Material Remains(c) 2012
This is the quilt mounted on rag paper and foamcore.  I know this was started about 18 months ago.  I placed it in my front window.  I still need to figure out how to attach wire for hanging.

This is the hand quilting followed by the next quilt to go under the needle.
 Only 1 side edge remains to be quilted.  It will need some serious blocking before I square it up.
3 sunflowers.
When Nysha was here in June he showed me his pocket size journal that he carries with him at all times for the purpose of doodling.  My journals are larger and I haven't made it even a monthly practice of late.  I thought the small size would be more forgiving when it was neglected and easy to do a small page without a lot of preparation and forethought.  I took the last 30 minutes in the studio to add color to some previous line drawings.  My attempt at taking my size 9 foot out of the size 8 shoe.
The journal is 5.5"x3.5"....a photo-collage of the small pages.


  1. At least you have been busy. Love the doodles and of course the saturated colors you are using. It doesn't matter what size the sketch book is it always seems like a challenge to me. Keep pushing your foot in that shoe, you may get it on after all. But don't plan on walking too far. Smile

    1. Carol, I'm doing the best I can...but for the month of September I'm going to intentionally be out of the studio...I'm needing some time out and among people.